Need A Custom Plan?

    What kind of recording plan do you need?

    How many accounts will you need?

    Will you need special monthly reporting?

    Yes, our organization will need monthly reports.No special reporting is needed.

    Do you require modified terms or additional agreements?

    Yes, we will need to need custom or additional terms and conditions.No, things are fine as they are.

    Do you require different pricing options beyond what's displayed on the SquadCast pricing page?

    Yes, we will require additional hours than are provided.No, we do not need custom hours.

    Do you require an alternative payment method than credit/debit card, like a PO?

    Yes, we will need a PO.No, credit card payment will work for us.

    Do you require a security review?*

    Our IT department needs to conduct an in-depth security review.No, our organization can get the information it needs from your website

    Do you require a Data Protection/GDPR review?

    Yes, our legal department needs to review your statementNo formal review required