Dabbler Plan & Time Wallet

We created the dabbler plan for the podcaster that occasionally records remote interviews online and therefore, wants a plan with more flexibility than a monthly membership.

With the dabbler plan, you have the ability to purchase packages of recording hours at $5 an hour without being charged on a monthly recurring basis.

Please note recording hours are tracked when you are in a session and have hit the record button ⏺️

Recording hours available can be viewed in your Time Wallet which can be accessed by clicking on the Member Menu icon in the upper-left corner.

The Time Wallet will be displayed at the bottom of the Member Menu with time used on the left and time available on the right.

Whenever you are running low on recording time, SquadCast will notify you several times. Additionally, in the event you run out of time in the middle of a session, you will be automatically charged to ensure you don’t get kicked out of the conversation.

Finally, you are welcome to switch to a monthly membership with unlimited usage at any time.