How Guests Join Sessions

Your Host will provide you with a Guest link to join the recording session directly or via an email from SquadCast.

Clicking on your Guest link will land you in the Green Room for your session. Think of it like being backstage – where you can adjust your settings, make sure your equipment is working properly, and check the hair. 😎

Your web browser will ask for permission to access your microphone and camera. Please click ALLOW. Access to your microphone is required but the camera is always optional.

To change your microphone, camera, or headphones, click the drop-down menu button πŸ”½ to choose your device. We recommend always wearing headphones while recording.

Click the Join Session button to head into the Session.

Need Help Joining?

Connect & Record Checklist


SquadCast may record audio and video during this session for backups. By clicking β€œJoin Session,” you acknowledge having obtained the consent of all parties whose data may be captured during this session. You have also read, understand, & agreed to be bound by our Terms & Policies. You also agree to our Cookie Policy.