How to Create & Schedule a New Session

To create & schedule a session start at the SquadCast Dashboard page. Under the New Session box on the left side you can enter the following:

  • Name of the session
  • Date
  • Start time (if scheduling a future session)
  • Time zone
  • Invite co-host and guest emails (up to three by clicking add guest button)
  • Click yellow schedule session button

After a session has been created, it will appear in the Sessions box on the right side of the Dashboard.

Whenever you create a session SquadCast automatically sends invitation emails to you & your guest. These invitation emails inform you and your guest about the recording session, add the scheduled session to your calendar and contain links to join the session in Studio.

Please note the links sent to you and your guest are unique. Do not forward your guests the email you received or it will not let you both join the Studio session at the same time.

To enter the session click the join button located to the right of the session name to enter the Studio.