How to Get Backup Recordings

In the event you are missing a recording, don’t worry, we have your back!

You have the ability to request backups from the Dashboard.

From the Dashboard you can request backups recordings by performing the following:

  • Find and click the session you want to download files from under the Sessions list on the right side
  • Click Get Backups button
  • Enter email in space given when the pop-up menu appears
  • Confirm backup request by clicking yellow Get Backups button Check inbox for an email from SquadCast containing a link to download all backup files for the selected session

A few notes to consider regarding our backups that are different from primary SquadCast recordings:

    • Backups are recorded over the web, not locally
    • Quality may be impacted by the network connection
    • Audio may drift out of sync if so we can help
    • We’ll email you your backups within a few minutes

SquadCast may record audio and video during this session for backups. By clicking β€œJoin Session,” you acknowledge having obtained the consent of all parties whose data may be captured during this session. You have also read, understand, & agreed to be bound by our Terms & Policies. You also agree to our Cookie Policy.