How to Record a Session

Once your invited Co-Hosts & Guests have joined the Studio session, click the red Record button in the bottom center of the Recording Controls toolbar. Only the Host can start & stop recording.

While recording, your Co-Hosts & Guests see a red Rec button to indicate that audio is now being recording. When you’ve reached the end of what you would like recorded, click the red Stop button in the same location.

Progressive Upload

While recording locally, everyone’s audio is also being uploaded progressively in the background. This ensures that if anyone disconnects from the Session while recording, you’ll always have their audio. If a disconnection occurs, hit stop on the record button and have everyone refresh. After the page refreshes, you can start recording again with new audio files.


As an extra level of security, we automatically record backups of the entire session’s audio. For more info on how to access backups, check out the How to article.