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How to Monetize Your Show Through Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to earn money recommending SquadCast to your listeners. Join us as we discuss our ongoing commission program with one of our affiliate leaders, Harry Duran.

Learn how to

  • Apply to the program
  • Receive assets from SquadCast
  • Utilize best practices for conversion

About Harry

Harry Duran is the Founder of FullCast, a full-service, done-for-you podcast production and marketing consultancy. He helps brands and high-performing entrepreneurs amplify their authority and extend their reach through the power of podcasting.

As Host of the popular Podcast Junkies on iTunes since 2014, Harry has had conversations with over 215 interesting and engaging podcast personalities.

Harry has spoken on stage about the importance of finding your voice and why long-term engagement with your podcast guests is key. Harry shares lessons learned from his first 25 interviews in his book, Around the Podcast Campfire.

As a host, consultant and coach, Harry empowers others to amplify their authority through the power of a podcast. As a speaker, Harry challenges leaders to understand the importance of finding their unique voice.

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