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Why Choose SquadCast?

Rapidly Create Studio-Quality Recordings

Our signature feature of Progressive Uploads uses auto-save while recording to retain all content, even in the case of technical failures. A cloud backup is available when locally recorded audio and video is inaccessible.

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Eliminate audio drift

Audio sync problems are a thing of the past with separate and locally recorded audio and video files.

Stop Worrying About Connectivity

With Progressive Uploads, recordings are captured at the source — so even a complete power loss can’t cause issues.

Superior Listening Experiences

Adjust sections of each track to clean, process, mute, or correct volume levels during editing.

Crystal Clear Audio

Raw recorded, uncompressed audio files are continuously auto-saved using Progressive Uploads.

Record Confidently with Multiple Backups

Cloud backups support recorded content in the event of a lost primary file.

Post-Production Simplified

Integrate with your favorite editing software to create great sounding podcasts your listeners will love.

Show Notes: The Simple Template to Making Your Podcast Easy To Find

Show Notes: The Simple Template to Making Your Podcast Easy To Find

Podcast Editing Decisions: Explained

Podcast Editing Decisions: Explained


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Being part of this group comes with perks like free giveaways, collaboration opportunities, dedicated Slack channel, and more.

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Quality Matters

See how SquadCast can help take your recordings to the next level.


Your content is not a conference call. With Zoom, all audio is recorded over the internet and not at the source, causing your recordings to sound robotic, this can lead to listener fatigue.


Premium audio and video is what we do at SquadCast. That means we’ve made every effort to ensure our platform is intuitive, easy to edit, and makes every piece of content you record sound excellent.

Integrate Your Way

Get More From Your Existing Tools

Automate your remote recording workflows with SquadCast integrations and APIs.

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Enjoy our Public API

Customize your SquadCast studio with tools to organize, schedule, and share your recordings.

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