Our mission is
to amplify collaboration.

SquadCast is about making it easier for you and your guests to spend time having meaningful conversations without compromising quality in a remote conversation.

About SquadCast

As podcasting and remote work both explode in popularity, so does the need for quality remote content production. SquadCast is a SaaS remote recording platform that empowers podcasters by capturing quality audio and video conversations that their listeners love. With SquadCast, there are no audio syncing issues, no lost recordings, and no worries for remote guests. Simplifying post-production and collaboration, SquadCast’s patent-pending cloud-based technology is essential for podcasters producing multiple shows. Launched in 2017, SquadCast has customers in 130+ countries. Among those are marquee brands such as Microsoft, Adobe, ESPN, NPR, iHeartRadio, Kara Swisher, and The New York Times. SquadCast is headquartered in Oakland, CA.

For more information, listen to our podcast: Between 2 Mics.

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