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Record audio from both the source and in the cloud, providing you with a high-quality recording of your remote recording sessions. Local audio recordings are available in WAV and MP3 formats, while network recordings are provided by and are accessible in MP3 format. With both local and cloud recordings, SquadCast has you covered no matter what.

Why Audio Recording Is Helpful

High-Quality Local WAV Recordings

Creators can access local audio recordings in both WAV and MP3 formats, with a sample rate of 48 kHz and a depth of 16 bits.

Flexible MP3 Network Recordings

SquadCast uses to provide network recordings in MP3 format, which fluctuates in quality based on network connectivity. This allows for a flexible recording experience that adapts to different network conditions.

MP3 Recordings for Easy Access

Both local and network recordings are provided in MP3 format, making it easy for customers to access and share their audio files.

Broad Compatibility

SquadCast's audio recordings are available in widely-supported formats (WAV and MP3) and sample rates (48 kHz and 24 kHz), ensuring that they can be used on a variety of devices, DAWs, and platforms.

How To Instructions

Step 1

Connect with your guests and collaborators in a Recording Session

Step 2

Click the Record button, feel free to record for as long as you like, and you will see everyone’s upload progress within the Recordings sidebar

Step 3

Click the Stop button with confidence and everyone’s files will render within a few seconds

Step 4

Watch, listen, download, and share recordings right away

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