Progressive Uploads

Recording on SquadCast guarantees quality, speed, and reliability with every session. Whether you record remotely or in the studio, recordings are captured up until the point of disconnection, thanks to our patent pending technology, Progressive Uploads.

HD Local Recordings

Recording each person separately and at the source ensures the highest quality, and our patented Progressive Uploads technology captures sessions securely. Quality is higher because there is never compression from the network, and reliability is over 99%.

Cloud Recordings

Recording everyone in the cloud guarantees that files won’t get lost, even in that 1% chance of a power failure or network disconnection. Quality may be slightly reduced because of compression in challenging network conditions, but it is so reliable that it is nearly impossible to lose a recording. Use the same link to re-join the session and continue recording.

How It Works

Record and Render Instantly

Files begin rendered in the cloud as soon as you hit Record. Forget storage space – simply take strong network, fair file size, and appropriate recording time into consideration, and you get virtually no wait time for your recordings to finish uploading. With our innovative Quality Check features, you can even preview the files you and your guests are recording, while you’re still recording!

The Cloud Has Our Back

Storage in the cloud means files are accessible wherever you can log in to SquadCast. If your device malfunctions during recording, you can log in to your account from a different device, and join that same session to continue where you left off. Storage of your files recorded on SquadCast is unlimited, but recording time depends on the limits of your selected plan.

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