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The Cloud Recording Studio for High-Quality Audio and Video Content

Remote Recording, Simplified

Log In and Hit Record

Files Saved at the Source and In the Cloud

All audio and video recorded on SquadCast is recorded locally and progressively uploaded in cloud, which means that files are accessible from any devices by logging into your account.

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Eliminate Audio Drift

Audio sync problems can cause headaches in the editing stage. Audio drift is a thing of the past with locally recorded, and separate audio and video files.

Crystal Clear Audio and Video

Deliver the highest quality recordings by starting with uncompressed audio. Plus, the raw recorded files are continuously auto-saved, with Progressive Uploads covering you in case of connection issues.

Auto-Save And Backups Included on All Plans

Patented by SquadCast

Progressive Uploads

Confidently hit the record button, knowing all audio and video content is continuously auto-saved, backed up, and stored in the cloud.

Experience Progressive Uploads

Quit Worrying About Connectivity

With Progressive Uploads, everything is captured at the source, so even complete power loss won't result in a recording catastrophe.

Record Confidently With Multiple Backups

We support your recorded content with cloud backups. In the event of a loss primary file, backup files are always available.

Improvements for Team Efficiency

Record With Confidence

Team Workspaces

Participants in a session can now be designated as “off-camera” with our Backstage feature, which benefits Producers, Show Managers, and Guest VIPs.

Create Your Team

Backstage Management

Designate roles and account types within your organization to control user access and permissions.

Search and Schedule

Use the Search function to access previous sessions, and “Favorite” them to reuse those details and guest invites as a preset for future recordings.

The Guest Experience, Without A Learning Curve

Easily Participate from Anywhere

Intuitive Accessible Software

Guests don't need to download any applications or create an account. Instead of figuring out the technology, they can spend their time doing what they have been invited to do: share their stories and engage the audience.

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Browser-Based Interface

The guest experience is clear with our "no download" process. They simply click a link and join the session.

Prepare In The Green Room

Enter the Green Room to adjust appearance, check equipment, and test audio and video before recording.

Enhanced Production Process For Overall Ease

Manage Recordings Your Way

Separate Participant Tracks for Efficient Workflow

High-quality audio and video is the default—not just for premium customers, or as an afterthought you have to work to find. All plans provide the best recordings, always.


Superior Listening Experiences

Clean, process, or mute sections of each track to easily produce and polish audio and video content. Correct volume levels during editing for adjustment-free listening.

Post-Production Quality Control

Edit as much or as little as needed with multiple editing options. Integrate with your favorite editing software to create great sounding podcasts your listeners will love.

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