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It’s How Creators Record Quality Audio Voice Over Remotely

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SquadCast makes it easy for voice-over artists to sound professional while having the flexibility to connect from anywhere and record quality audio on any device.

Elevate Your Voice Over Production

Professional Quality

SquadCast helps everyone to sound professional, ensuring that your audio recordings are of the highest quality.

Flexible Connectivity

Creators, guests, and collaborators can connect from anywhere, giving them the flexibility to record podcasts from any location.

Compatible with Any Device

SquadCast allows creators to record quality podcasts on any device, making it easy to use the platform no matter what equipment they have available.

Increase Quality & Efficiency

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Progressive Uploads

Media files are uploaded to the cloud while recording instead of after you click Stop. Our patented process empowers quality and reliability in remote recording sessions.

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Local and Cloud Video Recordings

SquadCast offers both local and network video and screen recording options, giving customers the flexibility to choose what works best for them.

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Multiplayer Collaboration

SquadCast offers real-time, low-latency audio and video recording sessions with guests and collaborators. Our platform ensures easy setup and equipment transparency.

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