Reliable Podcast Recording with Progressive Uploads

Progressive Uploads for Locally Recorded Audio and Video

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Reliable Podcast Recording with Progressive Uploads

SquadCast offers the most reliable podcast recording experience, ensuring quality, speed, and reliability with every recording session. Progressive uploads allow you to encode media sources into chunks, which are uploaded to the cloud while recording instead of after you click Stop. Our patented process empowers quality and reliability in remote recording sessions. This method of uploading media offers several benefits over traditional methods. With SquadCast, you can trust that your podcast recordings are in good hands.


Why Reliable Podcast Recording with Progressive Uploads Is Helpful

Time Is On Your Side

Save time by uploading your recordings in the background while they are being made. No need to wait until the entire file is finished before starting the upload process.

Reliable Even in the Worst Case Scenario

You can trust SquadCast to be a reliable recording platform that allows you to render recordings with minimal margin of error, even if the app is closed, crashes, or disconnects.

Connect From Anywhere and Anything

SquadCast is a highly accessible platform that is perfect for devices with minimal system resources, such as phones, tablets, and ChromeBooks. By not storing full media files locally, SquadCast helps these devices operate more effectively.

Get Your Recordings Super Fast

Experience fast rendering of your recordings after the session is finished, with no need to wait for the upload to start. SquadCast makes it easy to quickly access and review your recorded sessions.

How To Instructions

Step 1

Connect with your guests and collaborators in a Recording Session

Step 2

Click the Record button, feel free to record for as long as you like, and you will see everyone’s upload progress within the Recordings sidebar

Step 3

Click the Stop button with confidence and everyone’s files will render within a few seconds

Step 4

Watch, listen, download, and share recordings right away

Frequently Asked Questions

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