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With SquadCast, you have the ability to mix and master your audio recordings in a non-destructive process. Creators can combine multiple isolated speakers from the same take into a single audio file, available to customers in both WAV and MP3 formats. We also offer Audio Mastering services that enhance your audio recordings using, resulting in high-quality audio files. Together these features give you the flexibility to fine-tune your audio recordings and produce professional-quality results, all within a single platform.

Why Mix and Master Audio Is Helpful

Non-Destructive Mixing

Creators can mix multiple audio recordings from the same take in a non-destructive process, combining multiple isolated speakers into a single audio file. This allows creators to experiment with different mixing configurations without affecting the original recordings.

WAV and MP3 Format Options

Both the mixed and mastered audio files are available to customers in both WAV and MP3 formats, giving creators the flexibility to choose the format that best fits their needs.

Mastering with

SquadCast uses to provide a mastering service that enhances audio recordings in a non-destructive process. This results in a high-quality audio file that is ready for professional use.

Improved Audio Quality

The mixing and mastering features offered by SquadCast can help to improve the overall quality of audio recordings, making them sound more polished and professional.

Convenient, All-In-One Solution

With SquadCast, creators have access to all of the audio mixing and mastering tools they need within a single platform, making it convenient and easy to produce professional-quality results.

How To Instructions

Step 1

Select all of the recordings you want to mix together

Step 2

Click the Mix Recordings button within the Workflow Drawer

Step 3

Select the new mixed recording

Step 4

Click the Master Recordings button within the Workflow Drawer

Step 5

Watch, listen, download, and share recordings right away

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