We’re super excited to launch a shiny new podcast of our own & it’s called Between 2 Mics! Podcasting is actively being defined & we’re talking with the people who are defining it. Exploring challenges, opportunities, & new ideas that push the limits of what’s possible in Podcasting.

Ep 0 — Gratitude for the Podcast Community

Co-hosts of Between 2 Mics & Co-founders of SquadCast.fm

Ep 1 — From Podcasts to Books with S.A. Bradley

Host of the Hellbent for Horror Podcast & Author of Screaming for Pleasure

Ep 2 — Podcasting in Academia with Liz Covart

Host of Ben Franklin’s World Podcast & Historian of Early America

Ep 3–100 Episodes in Year 1 with Eric Hunley

Host of the Unstructured Podcast & Marathon Runner

This is just the beginning. We are having conversations with Drew Ackerman, Harry Duran, Jay Connor, Amani Roberts, Gordon Rochford, Jonathan Bloom, Mike Thomas, & other amazing podcasters who are pushing the limits of what’s possible in Podcasting.


Between 2 Mics Cover Art

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