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Announcing SquadCast + Descript

SquadCast will soon be compatible with Descript for a streamlined experience of recording to editing, all within our browser-based software.

Record -> Create | SquadCast and Descript

This new integration, which will be available in our next version, allows for moving from pre- to post-production in the most efficient way possible โ€” with just one click.

Simply access Settings within the interface and click on Integrations.

Toggle Descript to โ€œOnโ€ and go back to the homepage to select the Recordings to edit.

Open the Workflow and click the icon to Edit in Descript, which will open a new tab and import the selected recordings into Descript.

This integration comes as the first of many new announcements for SquadCast in the month of June. Up next:

Introducing SquadCast Studio and Backstage

  • Dashboard Details to further customize session invites and show descriptions
  • Teams and Shows to designate role and account types to stay organized
  • Backstage Management to assign users as on-camera, off-camera, and in-seats
  • Updated In-App Messaging to communicate with session participants as a group or in a direct one-on-one message
  • Search and Schedule to favorite past sessions and reuse those details for future recordings

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