Amplify Remote Recording

Introducing the latest version of SquadCast, in collaboration with, powered by Dolby

SquadCast Collaboration with Dolby Noise Cancelling
Technology is here

The benefits of are advanced audio processing features
  • CheckDynamic audio leveling for increased quality and clarity
  • CheckImmersive experience with sound moving around you, thanks to advanced spatial audio
  • CheckImproved sound clarity with noise cancelling and echo reduction
  • CheckOptimized bandwidth to help ensure everyone stays connected
  • CheckAdvanced network resilience to help maintain good audio quality in challenging network conditions

What's New?

This new audio technology integration makes you and your guests sound and feel like youโ€™re sonically in the same room while recording in separate environments.

Upgraded Green Room

Review and prepare in the Green Room before formally entering the recording session. Check that the network connection and equipment are working properly, and record a short preview video to verify you're ready to record

Screen Sharing Capability

Video plans now have the ability to share and record your screen, creating a separate file for organized post-production. Enhanced Audio Mastering

For Pro and above plans, master audio files with one click to add post-production efficiency through automatic leveling, EQ, and background noise reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Integration

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