Our Co-Founders, Zach & Rock, connected with Carey Green from Podcast Fast Track to discuss the importance of quality audio when recording remote interviews on the Podcastification podcast. #SuperMeta

Take the time to listen below, you’ll hear Rock and Zach share…

  • How Zach’s experience on the Google Chrome team translates DIRECTLY into the Squadcast build and experience
  • Why Skype-type audio recordings are NOT the best quality
  • How the Squadcast team addressed quality and reliability in distance recordings
  • The tech details of what the guys did to address distance recording issues
  • Carey’s step by step Squadcast walk-through with Zach and Rock explaining the interface
  • How there are many ways for the host to get better audio for them and guests
  • Squadcast’s pricing: suited for everyone from beginners to huge networks
  • High-quality VIDEO is on the way!