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SquadCast now includes audio and video recording using Dolby.io with up to 9 guests, in addition to HD Local and Cloud Premium Recordings and multiple backups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SquadCast Record?

    SquadCast records all participants in a recording session locally in separate tracks and automatically uploads the files to the SquadCast cloud. Once you are done recording, the Host can download all audio/video files directly from SquadCast in wav, mp4, webm and mp3 format.

  • How many people can record together in a session?

    A session can have up to 10 people total: 1 Host + up to 9 Guests.

  • Which Web browsers support SquadCast?

    The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, and Edge all support SquadCast. SquadCast on iPhone and iPad are currently in Beta as of December 2021.

  • Does SquadCast work on mobile devices?

    SquadCast works on Android devices using a mobile browser app. iPhone and iPad are supported but are currently in Beta.

  • Is video mandatory?

    Video is always optional and can be blocked all together or toggled off in the session.

  • Do guests need an account to participate in a recording?

    Guests do not need an account to join a recording session, nor do they need to download any programs. The intuitive interface makes joining a session a breeze. Learn more about How to Join as a Guest

  • Do I, or my guests, need headphones or an external microphone?

    Headphones are not required, but we highly recommend them to eliminate the chance for echo. External mics are not needed, but recommended as well.

  • What quality does SquadCast record?

    SquadCast records 48 kHz sample rate and 16-bit depth audio files in wav format. Also available in mp3 format. And video records at up to 1080p at 30fps mixed with audio in mp4, and available in webm format.

  • What Internet speeds do I or my guest need to record on SquadCast?

    We recommend a network speed range of approximately 5-10 mbps up and down. A few things to help with a slower network speed are to disable video and/or hard wire connection instead of WiFi.

  • Can multiple people log in to a single SquadCast account?

    We do not recommend sharing your SquadCast account credentials with others, but it is your choice to do so. We are currently focused on adding network/team collaboration to SquadCast and expect to have it out later this year.

  • Does the number of participants in a recording session relate to purchased recording time?

    The number of participants in a recording session has no impact of the recording time purchased. For example, if 3 people record 1 hour together, only 1 hour will be withdrawn from your account.

  • How does SquadCast determine pricing plans?

    At SquadCast, all paying customers get best-in-class audio and video recordings, no matter the pricing plan. The different tiers reflect the allotted number of recording hours, with all plans offering rollover for unused time.

    We are an independently-funded company that pays our employees well, so measuring up to competitors' pricing is not in our culture. We focus on providing all SquadCast customers with studio-quality recordings, signature Premium Recording, and an intuitive interface without downloads, making the content creation process a breeze.

  • Do you offer discount pricing?

    Discounted pricing is available for creators in the medical, education, government, and non-profit spaces. Learn more about the program and apply here

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