Premium Recording

Our approach to recording content remotely is the best of both worlds, and is uniquely engineered to deliver quality and reliability. In the past, content creators had to choose from tools that forced them to make an uncomfortable decision between local or cloud recordings, but SquadCast won’t make you choose.

Premium Quality

HD Local Recordings

Recording each person at the source ensures the highest quality and our patented progressive uploads delivers your recordings safely. Quality is higher because there is never compression from the network and they are over 99% reliable.

Progressive Uploads

Cloud Recordings

Recording everyone in the cloud guarantees that you will always have content to produce your next episode even in that remaining 1%. Quality can be slightly reduced because of compression in challenging network conditions, but it is impossible to lose a recording.

How It Works

Premium Recording

HD Local and Cloud Recordings

Recording is simple and easy on SquadCast, but our technology is hard at work below the surface so you never need to worry about quality or reliability. When you click Record, we begin recording HD Local and Cloud Recordings for everyone connected to your Session. Every few seconds thereafter, local audio and video is automatically saved to the cloud with our patented progressive upload technology.

Eradicate Audio Drift

Drift Normalization technology

Following your awesome conversation, you click Stop and your recordings are finished rendering within seconds. After everyone has left the Session, the Cloud Recordings are rendered and you can download everything in multiple easy-to-use formats. When we render your HD Local Recordings, our patented Drift Normalization technology ensures that there is never an issue with time syncing between recordings, saving you more time in post-production.

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