Empathy and compassion are both principals that guide the actions we take in fulfilling our mission to empower & connect creatives in meaningful conversations without barriers. A-politicism is another one of our principals, but when precious lives are lost, the conversation transcends politics elevating it to a matter of human rights.

This is an uncomfortable conversation for most of us. We’re afraid of saying the wrong thing, offending people, losing relationships, jobs, customers, and in some cases, physical safety. While they may be uncomfortable, meaningful conversations where we dig to the roots of our biggest challenges often help us remove the most barriers.

Black Lives Matter.

We stand in solidarity with Black people grieving the losses of David McAtee, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many others. We share and honor the outrage rippling through our country. We stand with you. We are listening. Please, help remove barriers by engaging in the most meaningful conversation there is.