This week’s guest is Rock Felder, Co-founder and CFO of SquadCast. This is the second interview with a SquadCast founder. Zach Moreno was on the podcast previously so check that out too.

Rock grew up in a family that included entrepreneurs. And, when it was time for him to go to college and go to work, he knew he had to be self-sufficient so he chose accounting as a career knowing it was a job that paid well and was always needed. Being a CPA allowed him to work in many industries (agriculture, construction, banking) and laid the foundation for him understanding business from the views of various departments.

Having always wanted to do his own thing and start a business, it was a no-brainer when he was approached by Zach regarding the idea for SquadCast. A wonderful business partnership was born. Anyone who has started a business or is thinking of starting a business will want to hear Rock’s decision to commit to doing that himself as well as how he works with his partner.

Rock is very passionate about his work and helping people solving their problems. In addition to caring about customers, he also cares about those he works with. Trust is a key value of his and we chatted about how that looks at SquadCast. We also chatted about hiring new people onto a team and what happiness at work means.

Rock isn’t all work and no play. For him, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an activity he enjoys for physical fitness. But it also has the benefit of mentally giving him a chance to escape from the work and personal things for a while. He can just focus on the activity. We talk through what a typical class looks like too!

Note from Rabiah (Host):

Firstly, I’m so glad I chose SquadCast as my recording platform when I started the podcast. There is an amazing community of podcasters that they have created with their community manager Arielle Nissenblatt at the helm.

This chat with Rock was a lot of fun. I say fun a lot with the podcast but I do have fun and learn a ton. I’m so happy to bring this to listeners as he is so positive but also real and I appreciate people who are both. I also am now intrigued by jiu jitsu though honestly sometimes I feel like walking down the street is enough of a physical challenge! What I hope people get out of this episode is what Rock says about trust at work and happiness at work. But also, anything else they get is great too! Don’t forget to leave a review and share if you know someone who will want to hear this too!