Zach Moreno is the Co-Founder & CEO of Squadcast.

Zach is a dual-threat, getting his start at art school studying both graphic design and full stack computer engineering. After spending some time on Google’s Chrome team and being exposed to what’s possible on the internet across audio, video and cloud, he spent the next few years sharpening his skills, working for the government and teaching at Cal Berkeley. Ultimately, he found his way back to his creative roots and started a podcast as a side project, but when he tried to record remotely with his brother and best friend, found that the virtual collaboration tools available just weren’t good enough to achieve the quality they expected. And that’s how Squadcast was born.

Today at Squadcast, Zach and his team have built the Lamborghini of virtual audio recording. Their mission is to amplify collaboration through technology and they do it by enabling podcasters to capture the highest quality audio from their conversations with guests all over the world. When you use Squadcast, you immediately realize the massive difference between their platform and something like Zoom or Skype. While Zoom and Skype compress the audio before playing it back in your headphones, giving it that crushed (“telephone”) type of sound, Squadcast records the audio on both sides locally, saving it as the highest quality possible and then sending it through. Squadcast is building the future of audio collaboration, and with partners like Dolby Labs as well as new features around lossless video recording and the ability to watch your favorite podcasters record their conversation live, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Tune in to hear Zach’s story!

Episode topics

(2:50) Squadcast snapshot today

(6:08) Background and founding story

(10:07) Being a technical founder

(13:52) Squadcast vs Zoom

(18:21) Product roadmap

(25:39) Podcasting landscape

(35:32) Fundraising approach

(43:11) Zach’s wellness stack

(51:33) Zach’s startup manifesto

(54:31) Zach’s founder nomination