We’ve updated SquadCast once again based on feedback & ideas from the Podcast Community. Thank You & more to come!

🏷️ Accessibility enhancements for all Recording Studio controls, buttons, & labels

  1. Labels have been added to all of the buttons within the Recording Studio’s bottom toolbar 🏷️
  2. The Microphone & Camera toggle button labels have been edited to be more clear 🎙️
  3. The Leave Session button color contrast has been been improved & the icon removed 🖍️
  4. The Host’s Navigation Menu has been improved & has a new hamburger icon 🍔
  5. The Participant Settings button has been improved & has a new gear icon ⚙️
  6. An issue has been fixed with the color contrast of the Recording Timer for Guests in Light Mode ⏲️

Thank you Guy Kawasaki & Sixzero!

New Button Labels in Studio

✅ Improved experience for switching plans

  1. The Upgrade page has been updated to confirm before completing the plan change
  2. The confirmation includes info about invoicing, proration, & recording time

Are You Sure? Upgrade

🍎 Access has been restored for Apple Safari, iOS, & iPadOS

  1. Fixing an issue with the app failing to render in Safari, iOS, & iPadOS 14
  2. Recording is still not yet a thing, but should be very soon!

🚀 Other Awesome Improvements

  • The color contrast of all form inputs has been improved