Please read on for details of resolved and outstanding issues. Let us know (contact if you experience any of the following, and we can help make it right.

Outstanding Issues

  • Recording on MacOS with Chrome is causing an Audio Delay and a Desync issue in the final Primary MP4 Recording. At this time, it is recommended you do not use Chrome with MacOS to Record Primary Recordings.
    • Solution: If you would still like to use Chrome with MacOS, we recommend enabling Pilot Program to use a new Recording Engine. This issue affects Chrome, and the Chrome Development Team is aware of the issue. This issue is not related to just SquadCast recordings.
  • Purchased ad hoc Recording Time is not always being deposited
  • Members page is blank sometimes and needs to be refreshed
  • Plan limit math when changing plans is sometimes incorrect
  • SquadShots render a 1×1 px image and results in a permission denied error

Pilot Program Features

  • A New Way to Render MP4 Recordings from Chrome on all devices. This new Recording Engine will aid with the issue reported in the above Errors and Issues callout. Please Note this new Recording Engine will NOT generate a .webm file for recordings. This is a temporary workaround.

Recent Fixes

Wednesday, 8/17/22
  • Redesigned and improved the Integrations Page and Settings. Allowing customers to pick more integrations to use across SquadCast.
  • Improved File Mixing Progress and now displays mixing directly on the recent take.
  • Significant improvements to UI/UX across the App for Mobile users.
  • Fixed an issue where some recordings may fail if the user had incorrect permissions.
  • Deleting a session on search page doesn’t always remove it

Friday July 29th

  • Warning Notifications, Labels, and Indicators whenever your Media Input Fails or Recording runs into a problem.
  • Fixed iOS Audio Chunks not properly uploading and improved iOS (iPad) Recording Stability.
  • Fixed Safari Video Duration not being a Proper Duration in QuickTime and Improved Safari Recording Stability.
  • Introduced a new Pilot Program Feature to allow users to Opt-in to Beta Features. Read More Here
  • Fixed Recent Takes not showing up properly on smaller screen sizes.
  • SavvyCal and Captivate (API v1) scheduled Recording Sessions are not accessible in app and invite links resolve to 404

Wednesday July 20th

  • Clicking Hide Yourself before clicking Record does not produce a recording – temporarily removed

Friday July 15th

  • SavvyCal, Captivate, and Zapier scheduled Recording Sessions are now accessible in app and invite links resolve to the correct recording session
  • Backwards compatibility for v1 API Keys with v2 API endpoints
  • Backwards compatibility for v1 API endpoints with default/fallback Show

Thursday July 14th

  • Browser equipment light is now turning off after leaving a Recording Session
  • Help menu is now accessible in the top navigation
  • Recordings file names are now unique between multiple recordings
  • First recording now creates Take 1
  • Screen recordings are now displaying as expected
  • Onboarding tour is now less intrusive
  • Search results are now in pages of 50
  • Access to Recording Sessions is now controlled by roles

Monday July 11th

  • All invitation emails (On Stage, Backstage, and Team) are now being sent and received successfully

Wednesday July 6th

  • Cloud Recordings are now available after completing an Equipment and Connectivity Check in the Green Room

Monday July 4th

  • Re-rendering migrated recordings are now completing
  • Mix and Master Audio progress are now accessible

Thursday June 30th

  • Mix Recordings are now completing
  • Echo Cancellation is now respecting the selected setting for all recordings
  • Equipment labels are now visible to other participants
  • Editing Recording Session Audio/Video Format is now working
  • More than 10 Upcoming Recording Sessions are now accessible on Dashboard

Monday June 27th

The New SquadCast Studio and Backstage Launched!