We’ve updated SquadCast once again based on feedback & ideas from the Podcast Community. Thank You & more to come!

📋 The Redesigned Dashboard Page

  1. All sessions are listed with the Future Upcoming Sessions at the top
  2. Past sessions are hidden & are accessible with the new View Past Sessions button
  3. The new Scroll to Top button is visible on the left when you scroll down
  4. The Performance of the page is way quicker especially for lots of sessions

New Recording Sessions Page

🥤 The Redesigned Member Menu

New Member Menu

➕ The Add New Session Form is Now a Button & Modal

Add New Session Modal

✏️ The Edit Session Modal is Excellent

  1. The Email Address issue is working well
  2. The Timezone selection issue is working great

Edit Session Modal

📅 The New Add to Calendar Menu

Add to Calendar Menu

🎙️ The New Redesigned Studio Toolbar

  1. Microphone & Camera toggle buttons on the left
  2. The Record & Stop buttons are more clear
  3. The Recording Timecode now exists within the Stop button
  4. The Guest Invite, Recordings, & Chat menus on the right
  5. The 3 Dot Menu is now the Name Member in the bottom left corner of the video

Redesigned Studio Toolbar

📛 The New Name & Equipment Menu

New Name Menu

💬 The New Chat Menu & Notifications

  1. New message notifications – Thank You, Jordan Harbinger!
  2. The scroll to the bottom issue is working well – Thank You, Jonathan Bloom!

New Chat Menu

ℹ️ New Tooltips in the Green Room & Studio


🚀 Other Awesome Improvements

  • The Guest Invite Emails Add to Calendar now include the Host’s email address in the event description – Thank You, Evo Terra!


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