Schedule Interviews like a Real Podcaster

Scheduling interviews with Guest’s has always been part of the vision for SquadCast, but the experience is constantly being improved by feedback from podcast Hosts. When we launched in beta, the app featured a full Calendar page where sessions could be scheduled out into the future. We listened to feedback from Hosts & agreed that navigating between the Calendar & Studio pages felt cumbersome & unnecessary, mostly because Hosts could already create a session on-the-fly right within Studio.

We moved forward by ditching the Calendar page & enhancing the Scheduling flow within Studio. This improved the overall experience by removing any need for navigating between pages. Hosts are either in Schedule or in a Session & switching between the two became seamless. Hosts rejoiced by scheduling sessions out into the future to a degree that we’d not seen before. Awesome! Except that now the single list of Sessions became unwieldy to keep organized. The Schedule had always been sorted in the order that the sessions were created, but this approach didn’t meet the needs of our power Hosts.

When I add a new session, it gets added to the top of my session list regardless of the date of the session … It’s very confusing!

Heather Huhman, podcaster

Heather’s feedback lead us to consider better ways to sort & organize many sessions, both in the past & in the future. We landed on a design improvement that called for adding two tabs, Future & Past, to the Schedule. The Future tab is sorted in chronological order & the Past tab is sorted in reverse, ensuring sessions stay organized.

Oh my gosh, sooooooooooooooo much better!— Heather

Thanks Heather! Collaborating with podcast Hosts always leads to improvements in SquadCast. Sign up today & experience remote interviews for real podcasters like you.