Podcast Hosts face 3 challenges when recording quality interviews with remote Guests.

  1. Scheduling interviews months in advance
  2. Expecting Guests to endure a complex setup
  3. Expecting Guests to wait around for uploads

Overcoming these challenges can help Hosts interview higher profile Guests more often, keeping Listeners happily engaged. If fact, that’s exactly what Chris Tatem, attorney & Host of the Cross Examined Life Podcast, has been able to accomplish. He’s doubled his creative output by following the workflow below, all while respecting his Guest’s time.

  1. Sign up for an account with SquadCast
  2. Schedule with Guests in advance
  3. SquadCast will send everyone an email & calendar invite containing a link to Join the Session — no setup needed
  4. When recording is finished the Guest’s audio is automatically uploaded & shared with the Host in under 1 minute

Historically remote interviews have a reputation of being a drain on Guest’s time. With the workflow we’ve outlined above, this reputation is a thing of the past, helping Hosts interview more Guests in less time.

To recap, there are 3 drains on Guest’s time with remote podcast interviews; scheduling, complex setup, & long uploads. SquadCast helps Hosts overcome these challenges by sending invites in advance, no setup, & super fast uploads.

Respecting Guests time while doubling output is a win win for podcast Hosts. Sign up for SquadCast today & get your first 14-days free.