Our team is elated to announce full-featured support for SquadCasters and their Guests to connect and record studio-quality audio and video in beta on iPhone and iPad devices, and stable podcast recording in Safari on macOS. This makes SquadCast the only Cloud Recording Studio to empower recording across ALL major platforms. We are also excited to expand our resources for developers who are building integrations with the SquadCast API and beyond. Let’s go!


Podcast Anywhere

Part of our vision is empowering creators to record their podcasts (and video content) with anyone, anywhere. But for us to make that a reality, SquadCast needs to work for Podcasters and Guests who are connecting from any device. iPhone and iPad are fantastic devices for creators, and they have long been missing from our story. iOS is the second-most popular mobile operating system after all, with 28.53% share of the market. Safari is the second-most popular web browser with 25.86% of the market share on Mobile and 9.82% on Desktop.

While the reasons for our prior lack of support are complex, we are excited to begin a new chapter, one where Podcasters and their Guests can enjoy the same experience they’ve come to love from SquadCast, but now on their iPhones and iPads. In line with our mission to amplify collaboration, we believe this release, initially in beta, unlocks new opportunities for the creators that we are proud to serve.

Today’s update expands upon our long-time support for macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems within Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Silk web browsers. With today’s additions of iPhone, iPad, and Safari, that rounds out our support for just about every combination of major devices, operating systems, and web browsers. This makes SquadCast the first and only Cloud Recording Studio to offer comprehensive cross-platform support.

Beta on iPhone and iPad

With Apple’s recent release of 15.2 (here is the official guide on how to update) making this possible for the first time, our team embraced the opportunity to make this unique experience a reality. While we have tested this new offering a great deal, there is no substitute for real-world use across different devices. We are confident that it won’t stay in beta for long, and we encourage your feedback in the meantime. If you need a stable recording, we recommend that you and your guests avoid using the iPhone and iPad until it is out of beta.

Equipment Recommendations on Mobile

While a lot of the same recommendations apply across desktop and mobile devices, there are some specificities to mobile that are worth sharing:

  1. Plugin and fully charge your devices
    Recording a long-form interview with multiple participants requires a lot of energy
  2. Use WiFi over data connectivity
    Prioritize connecting to wifi when possible because data connectivity fluctuates
  3. Use wired headphones or speakers
    Prevent latency and maintain high quality. Bluetooth is not recommended because their connectivity fluctuates
  4. Keep focused while recording
    Switching tabs and/or apps can interrupt the conversation and recording
  5. Use a stable camera and quiet environment
    Set your iPhone/iPad on a flat surface to help stabilize your camera and prioritize a quiet environment to help focus your microphone on your voice

New Homepage for Developers

Integrations like SavvyCal and Captivate are awesome. To encourage further collaboration we designed a new homepage for SquadCast Developers with resources, guides, and more to come.