Are you headed to Dallas later this month for Podcast Movement 2022? We’ll be there! SquadCast is sponsoring and speaking on several panels. We’ll also hold a breakfast for SquadCasters!

Sessions we’re excited for

  • The Sounds Profitable sponsor summit
  • Zach Moreno will be on a panel with TK Dutes, Tangia Estrada, Maribel Quezada Smith, and Evo Terra on creativity and diversity in podcasting
  • Rock Felder will be on a panel with Stacey Goers, Mark Deal, Jonathan Hurley, and Dan Hughley on the new Vocaster from Focusrite
  • Arielle Nissenblatt will be speaking with Lauren Passell on promo swaps
  • The iHeart Party!

Note: Rock’s mic didn’t get plugged in (honest mistake!), so he may sound a little far away.

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  • Written and produced by Arielle Nissenblatt
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  • Music by Shawn Valles
  • Hosted by Zach Moreno and Rock Felder
  • Transcripts by Sabeena Singhani

Episode Transcriptions

PRANAY PARIKH: Hey! Before we get to this week’s episode of The SquadCast Podcast, I wanna tell you about another show I think you’ll enjoy. And it’s recorded on SquadCast. I’m the host of From MD to Entrepreneur Podcast. It’s a podcast that helps doctors on their journey to entrepreneurship. Okay, onto the show. 

ROCKWELL FELDER: Hey, Rock here. Just a quick editor’s note that apparently I forgot to plug in my fancy new Vocaster device on this short episode. Totally my fault. But I might sound like I’m a little bit far away. I promise I’m right there. It shouldn’t be too distracting, but I just wanted to let you all know before we get into it. Happens to the best of us, even those of us who run remote content companies. Thank you.


ROCK: Welcome to The SquadCast Podcast. I’m Rock, co-founder of SquadCast.

ARIELLE NISSENBLATT: And I’m Arielle, the community manager here.

ROCK: What’s SquadCast The best way to record remote audio and video. You can do it with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. And we’re using SquadCast right now.

ARIELLE: On this podcast, we talk about remote content production. We share podcast recommendations. We showcase our customers’ amazing podcasts, and we nerd out about the tech that makes up this awesome industry.

ROCK: So let’s get into it.

ARIELLE: For the past few weeks on this show, we have been dropping episodes from SquadCasters around the globe. Last week, we shared an episode from Arun Sridhar’s podcast called SKRAPS of Science & Innovation. It was an episode all about psychedelics. We are so proud of all the amazing content that gets created on our platform week after week, day after day, hundreds of hours every day. We show that off on our podcast. If you want your podcast shown off on The SquadCast Podcast, you can go to

Today on the show, we’re talking about Podcast Movement, which is coming up later this month in Dallas, Texas. We are recording this in August of 2022, and we are pumped for Podcast Movement. We always love Podcast Movement. 

ROCK: We’re gonna talk about: What are we excited about? What are we going to be speaking on? And what are we given away at our booth? Because as always, we are sponsors, uh, Podcast Movement is a big part of the SquadCast story, and we’re gonna be doing it again.

ARIELLE: Of course we are. And the real reason we’re here is to shout out a few of the sessions or events that we’re most excited for, because if you’re going to Podcast Movement, we would love to meet you. And we’d love for you to join us at these sessions or at our booth, of course. And if you’re not gonna be at Podcast Movement, maybe this conversation will entice you to make a last minute decision to attend or to attend virtually. So Rock, why don’t you go first? Tell me about a session or an event at Podcast Movement22 in Dallas that you’re excited for.

ROCK: Well, I gotta give a shameless plug to the panel that I’m on and it’s not just because I’m on it, but it’s also because it’s related to the Focusrite Vocaster package deal that we were a part of. Um, and so all of the companies that are involved in that deal. And, um, they’re gonna be a part of it. And so SquadCast is ones, but I’ll be joined with, uh, representatives from ACast, uh, Focusrite as well. Dan Healy, big, big fan of the show, big fan of SquadCast. He’ll be there as well. And then, um, I forget who the gentleman is from, uh, Hindenburg, and then yeah, ACast and then Mark Deal is gonna be the moderator. So should be a good time. And it’s also one of the more, um, like there’s been a lot of preparation for this panel. I don’t, I don’t know of a panel that’s done this much prep work, uh, in advance, so it should be a good one. And I appreciate the preparation. So yeah. Let me, uh, turn it back on you. What, what are you most excited about as far as, uh, an event or a session or just any sort of Podcast Movement thing?

ARIELLE: Sure. Well, I always love the iHeart party. 

ROCK: Oh yeah. 

Uh, what was it in Nashville last year? It was Questlove. That was really, really cool. And he was amazing. And then this past March in Los Angeles, it was Paris Hilton, and I got to get up really close and personal and, and she was a great DJ. So I had a great time and I, I don’t think they’ve announced who the DJ or musical guest is this year yet at the party. So I’m excited to find out how they’ll top it.

ROCK: Yeah, I’m not sure either. I definitely know that it’s scheduled, and the time and place, but I don’t know if, uh, who the, who the performer is, so I’m sure they’ll have someone good though. That’s for sure.

ARIELLE: Absolutely. Okay. So Rock next up. What else are you excited for when it comes to Podcast Movement? Session, event. 

ROCK: Yeah. Well, we’re exhibitors. Uh, like I think I might have mentioned, so we have a booth, so that’s always a fun way to kind of, uh, set up our, our shop there and have a good place to have any attendees swing by and talk to us. It’s a great way to reconnect with, uh, current and past customers or community members, as well as like other peers within the industry, peer companies, people that are just, uh, working in the industry. Um, and then also we get to just, uh, give away stuff. So that’s always a big, big part of the show. And also, it’s always fun to see what other companies are doing. We always get good ideas from there. Like Headliner, they always have something really saucey that they put on, like, uh, at Podfest, they had these high dye tank tops. Um, so yeah, they’re very, very, very, uh, creative when it comes to their ideas, but we always have fresh stuff too. So, yeah. That’s, uh, that’s what I’m looking forward to. What’s, what’s number two for you, Arielle? 

ARIELLE: Wait but, what are we giving away at the booth? Do we wanna tell people in advance or keep it a surprise?

ROCK: Let’s keep it a surprise. 


ROCK: Thanks for asking. 

ARIELLE: Sounds good. What else am I excited about? I am looking forward to Zach’s panel. Zach is gonna be on a panel with Maribel Quezada Smith, who runs our YouTube channel with Tangia Estrada from BIPOC Podcast Creators that she runs with Maribel and with, uh, TK from Spoke Media. Really, really excited about that one. It is called F*#! Hollywood: How To Build The Podcasting Industry We Actually Want. So kudos to whoever put that together. I think it’s Maribel for using an expletive. 

ROCK: It’s a wild title. 

ARIELLE: Yeah, that’ll be a good one compared to the tame ones that I’m on, ones that you’re on. That’s gonna be a rollicking good time. 

ROCK: Rollicking. I love that. Yeah, it’s a great word for it. Great group too.

ARIELLE: Great group. Okay. So then what else are you looking forward to? What is your third pick?

ROCK: I really love what the event has done with the Tuesday. So Podcast Movement proper starts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the main event days. And usually Wednesday and Thursday, those are the big days where everything happens. Uh, Thursday night’s, the big iHeart party, and Friday tends to be, uh, I don’t wanna say a waste, but everyone’s a little tired. They’re a little burnt out. Maybe even hungover from the events. But what we’re doing, uh, on Tuesday, I just, I just love how there’s like other, um, events kind of piggybacking off of Podcast Movement, taking advantage of all these different creators and podcasting folks that are gonna be in the area and having, uh, events on that day. So, uh, I’m not gonna steal too much of your thunder because I believe that’s part of your answer, but I just love the thought of how this pre-Podcast Movement day is being utilized. And so is, is, is that along the lines of what your number three was, Arielle? 

ARIELLE: Yeah. Yeah. I’ll shout out one of the specific events that’s happening on Tuesday. So I think people will start to get into Dallas on Monday, maybe Tuesday, and then leave on Friday or Saturday. And so, because of that, I think there’s been a movement to make it a full week. Right. And. People, if they’re traveling, especially some people are coming from all over the world, so they’re getting in and if they’re there on Monday and Tuesday, they wanna have something to do. So this year Podcast Movement has created a few day-long workshop sessions that folks can opt into. Uh, the one that we are really excited for, the one that I wanna shout out, is the Sounds Profitable summit. Of course, at SquadCast, we are sponsors of Sounds Profitable. For full disclosure, I co-host one of the Sounds Profitable podcasts, but the Sounds Profitable summit is for sponsors of Sounds Profitable. And it’s gonna be a full day of learning about ad tech and the podcast industry and the future of the business of podcasting, with amazing speakers and most importantly, lots of schmoozing opportunities. Also, on Tuesday, we’re sponsoring another event.

ROCK: That’s right. We’re sponsoring Mark Deals and Steve Stewart’s Podcast Editors Academy event the same day. So a lot going on that Tuesday. I think there’s even another two events. Uh, if I remember correctly, like Dolby.

ARIELLE: There are. 

ROCK: Dolby’s got an event going on that day too.

ARIELLE: Yeah. Yeah. And we’re connected to Dolby as well, but yeah, we’re kind of gonna have to hop back and forth between many events, show our faces in many places.

ROCK: And that’s what it is. Right. We’re, we’re never sitting still. Barely have time to eat. Uh, but yeah, and, and that’s what I wanted to ask you as a bonus question. We always try to make these events, not just all about work, even though it is work, but we still find it a way to have fun. I think you’ve said it’s like a, a, it’s like a-

ARIELLE: It’s like summer camp.

ROCK: Summer camp trip almost. It is. It totally is. But like, we also like to take it as an opportunity for some, you know, team building, team fun stuff. So like what kind of fun stuff are we gonna do in Dallas? I’m not, you know, it’s my first time in Dallas. In Atlanta, we had an awesome time. We went to the, the, the Coke factory, the Coke tour or whatever. Cause that’s the, the headquarters there in Atlanta. So what do we gotta do in Dallas?

ARIELLE: Da-I feel like we have to ride a bull. You know, like go to one of those bars that has the mechanical bull.

ROCK: Oh my goodness. I’m down. Okay. I’ll keep in mind. Dress appropriately.

ARIELLE: That’s an option. You know, who’s really good at, uh, planning activities when they go to events is Buzzsprout. Alvin is like: We’re in this town. We’re gonna go to this baseball game or this football game. He’s very good at that. 

ROCK: That’s true. 

ARIELLE: Good crew. 

ROCK: Yeah. Yeah.They’re always going on some cool hikes or something like that. And, uh, ours are more spur of the moment. But we make it happen. So yeah, let’s, we’ll get something on the books and maybe have it, uh, in the show notes or something. Catch us here. [laughs]

ARIELLE: Dallas. Dallas, Dallas, Dallas. I’ve been to Dallas a few times. Oh, you know what we should do? I’ve done this, but I would do it again. Dealey Plaza, where JFK was shot, there’s a really interesting museum not to get too depressing, but American history, you know.

ROCK: Well, exactly. I think that’s what would be really, really interesting and yeah, something that we liked, and that’s what was so cool about Atlanta, tons of history, just like right down the corner of where our hotel was. So, um, yeah, I’m down. That’s a great idea.

ARIELLE: Yeah. Love using these travel opportunities to not just meet the podcast space, but to meet the country.

ROCK: That’s how I get my travel in, these days. For better or worse.

ARIELLE: Absolutely. So listeners, we would love to hear from you. Are you gonna be in Dallas for a Podcast Movement, or are you thinking about it? Do you want us to help you make the decision? We would love to help you make the decision. We love Podcast Movement. We mentioned that Podcast Movement is really part of the SquadCast story. It’s, it was my first podcast event in August of 2017. Maybe it was July, but it was 2017, for sure. Same with you, Rock, right? 

ROCK: That’s absolutely right. And it was August in Anaheim, 2017. When, yeah, our first entrance, if you will, into the podcast world. Uh, and that was yours too. Pretty, pretty wild. And, uh, it’s, it’s amazing that now we’re working together and been doing it almost a few years now. So yeah, that’s, what’s uh, awesome about events like Podcast Movement and the podcasting industry in general.

ARIELLE: Yeah. So we’re pumped to meet longtime SquadCasters and people who are yet to become SquadCasters. So please find us at our booth. And we’d love to have a drink with you. So don’t be afraid if you see us and you recognize us, say, recognize your voice or I recognize your picture from the internet. And we’d love to hang out with you.

ROCK: And are we doing, uh, a breakfast as we traditionally have done for these events?

ARIELLE: Yes, that’s a, that’s a great shout. We want to do a SquadCast breakfast. We are not sure yet on the day. So if you are a SquadCaster and you are attending, please let us know. You can hit us up by going to all the social handles, SquadCastFM is where we’re, where we’re on the internet. But also if you wanna email me directly,, let me know if you’re gonna be there. We’ll find a day that works for most SquadCasterers, and we’ll meet up for bagels or pancakes or whatever, whatever’s available at the hotel breakfast spot. And we can’t wait to get some SquadCasters together.

ROCK: It’ll be a good time. It’s funny hearing folks now start to expect it and be like, when is the, the, the breakfast? And so, uh, yeah, it’s a good time. Pancakes will be had. It’s the key to Zach’s heart. It’s what I’ve said.

ARIELLE: Thanks for tuning in to the SquadCast podcast.

ROCK: This show was hosted by us, Zach and Rock, and sometimes Arielle Nissenblatt.

ARIELLE: That’s correct. It’s mixed and designed by Vince Moreno Jr.

ROCK: It’s edited by Arielle Nissenblatt.

ARIELLE: That’s me! Our music is by Shawn Valles.

ROCK: Our transcriber is Sabeena Singhani.

ARIELLE: Our designer is Alex Whedbee. 

ROCK: You are our listeners and we appreciate you. Bye!


ROCK: Bye!

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