Are you? Podcast Movement kicks off on August 3rd and we’re so excited to head down to Nashville.

In this episode of Between Two Mics from SquadCast, Zach and Rock discuss the podcast scene coming together in person for the first time since early 2020. Zach won’t be able to join the SquadCast team this time around because he and his wife, Becca, have a baby on the way.

Z&R use this episode to discuss future events that we plan to attend and sponsor. A big part of the SquadCast story is our continued presence and commitment to in-person networking events. We LOVE meeting podcasters and supporting event organizers. Later this year, we’ll be at She Podcasts in Scottsdale, Outlier PodFest in Austin, and more.

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Episode Transcripts

Rabiah: [00:00:00] Hey, I’m Rabiah, and before we get to this week’s episode of Between Two Mics, I want to tell you about another show I think you’re going to love. And it’s recorded on SquadCast. I’m the host of More Than Work. It’s a show about finding your self worth outside of work. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts or on our website Now let’s get to Between Two Mics.  [00:00:23][22.9]

Zach Moreno: [00:00:29] Welcome to Between Two Mics, the podcast that brings you remote recording resources from [00:00:35][5.6]

Rock Felder: [00:00:37] I’m Rock Felder, co-founder and CFO of SquadCast.  [00:00:40][2.6]

Zach Moreno: [00:00:41] And I’m Zach Moreno, co-founder and CEO.  [00:00:43][2.3]

Rock Felder: [00:00:46] On Between Two Mics, we bring you interviews with podcasters, experts in the field of remote recording. We discuss current events in podcasting and so much more.  [00:00:54][8.0]

Zach Moreno: [00:00:54] Twice a month you’ll hear a Founders’ episode. That’s just the two of us chatting about all things remote recording updates to SquadCasts, what we’re up to, and what we’re listening to.  [00:01:05][10.9]

Rock Felder: [00:01:06] The other two weeks of the month, we’ll bring you interview episodes. Zach and I will sit down with experts in the podcast Space to discuss their companies, their podcasts, their thoughts on podcasting, creating content and more.  [00:01:19][12.2]

Zach Moreno: [00:01:20] The most exciting part? We’re recording all of this on SquadCast, the best place to record remote audio and video interviews in studio quality.  [00:01:29][9.2]

Rock Felder: [00:01:30] So let’s get Between Two Mics. Yo!  [00:01:36][5.9]

Zach Moreno: [00:01:36] Hey Rock!  [00:01:36][0.0]

Rock Felder: [00:01:36] What is up?  [00:01:38][2.0]

Zach Moreno: [00:01:38] A lot. We got the podcast community coming back to life in person for Podcast Movement here in 2021. So excited that we’ll be able to get back with some friends. This will be August 3rd through the 6th in Nashville, Tennessee. Looks like a really cool venue. And yeah, Podcast Movement’s always been always been a great time, so.  [00:02:01][22.7]

Rock Felder: [00:02:02] Have you been in Nashville? I’ve never been.  [00:02:03][1.2]

Zach Moreno: [00:02:04] No, no, I’ve never been. I’ve never been to Nashville. And, you know, it sounds awesome. So it looks like a cool venue. It’s a great city. And, you know, registration still open. So if you haven’t attended and are interested, it’s it’s one hundred eighty dollars for a ticket, both virtual or in-person. You have options there wherever you land. And looks like a lot of really great speakers and companies and really cool that we’re part of that.  [00:02:28][23.9]

Rock Felder: [00:02:29] Yeah. I mean, Podcast Movement has been a huge part of the SquadCast story. So anyone who’s a long time listener of Between Two Mics, first we love you. Second, you’ve heard us probably talk about podcast movement quite a bit because this is where we really introduced ourselves to the podcast community and started to really, you know, build our reputation and relationships with all the these amazing folks in the space. And so it’s almost like every year we just kind of know we’re going to go. It’s just now it’s like to what degree of participation are we going to do it? How big are we going to go? You know, who we bringing? And you know how how big of a bill is it going to be? You know, but back in the day, it was like, all right, let’s let’s rub some nickels together and make it happen. So we’ve come a long way. It’s really exciting, but it’s something that we look forward to every year. So it’s really disappointing not to have the ability to all meet in Dallas as planned in the summer of 2020. So, yeah, and Nashville for me, it’s like that’s what’s cool about these type of work trips as I go to cities that, you know, maybe I don’t know if I would have gone to if it wasn’t this way. You know, I know it’s an awesome city, but I don’t know if I’d like to plan a trip or vacation, even though maybe I should. And so I’m really looking forward to to checking it out. You know, Philly was like that. Like, I guess I would always wanted to check out Philly just because it’s one of those historic cities, but still like it’s a podcast movement getting getting us all there. And that was but you’re right. You know, most of the time we work in the booth hanging out with podcasters, but it’s still kind of cool to have these work trips, and bond with the team and get to experience a new city. Yeah, man. First one in over a year. And I didn’t even get to go to PodFest like you did. So it’s been a little bit longer for me.  [00:04:13][104.4]

Zach Moreno: [00:04:14] That was like right on the edge of the shelter in place order was PodFest, and that was a weird flight home. And I’m grateful that we got to hang out with some some friends before all that happened. But, yeah, that was that was a bit of a strange event where everybody was kind of simultaneously learning about masks and handshakes. And, you know, you’re at a conference with a couple of thousand other people. So it seems like Podcast Movement, I think made a good decision by by hitting pause last year and.  [00:04:42][28.4]

Rock Felder: [00:04:43] Oh, absolutely. Yeah.  [00:04:44][1.3]

Zach Moreno: [00:04:45] It’s a tough call for sure. This is their business and I respect that, but excited to to be back and have the risk seemingly lower this time around, so.  [00:04:55][9.9]

Rock Felder: [00:04:55] You know what man, we should give them some flowers like big ups to the Podcast Movement team or anybody that’s an event organizer to go through a year like 2020. And they’re still, they’re doing their thing. They’re still here. We’re super excited that they are. And I think they’re even going to do Evolutions in L.A. still. So like it’s really awesome that they were able to to make it through. And, you know, I’m sure it was a rough year, but the fact that they’re still standing is crazy.  [00:05:22][26.1]

Zach Moreno: [00:05:22] Yeah. I mean, the podcast community is always super vibrant and active and the conversation feels like, if anything, it maybe picked up because there’s so many people getting into podcasting now and yeah, they definitely, you know, bridge the in-person events with with the groups, the Facebook group and other other venues online. But, you know, I it’s a tough job to get, you know, a bunch of people who spend a lot of time on the Internet in person together to learn from one another for three days, you know, once or twice a year. So I definitely respect the work that they do. And I think it’s fair to say that we’re proud sponsors. It’s been a big part of the story at SquadCast, as you said, so excited to to have that opportunity to kind of bring that full circle for 2021.  [00:06:09][47.1]

Zach Moreno: [00:06:11] We’re going to take a quick break, but we’ll be back soon with more from Between Two Mics.  [00:06:16][4.3]

Arielle: [00:06:19] Hey, SquadCasters, Arielle here, your community manager with a special event notice. We are hosting a webinar on August 13th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 a.m. Pacific, and it’s all about how to become a SquadCast affiliate. If you’re already using SquadCast and you want to make a little money by referring your friends and your clients to SquadCast, attend this webinar, and you can learn all about how to do that. We are having a special guest, Harry Duran, the host of Podcast Junkies, to teach us how to do that. And we’d love for you to be there. It’s a free event and it’s virtual. And you can sign up at the link in the show notes of this episode. Again, it’s going to be a webinar on how to become a SquadCast affiliate, how to earn money recommending SquadCast to your listeners on Friday, August 13th. The details will be in the show notes of this episode. Thank you.  [00:07:12][53.1]

Rock Felder: [00:07:15] All right, Zach.  [00:07:15][0.5]

Zach Moreno: [00:07:16] Big Question.  [00:07:16][0.0]

Rock Felder: [00:07:16] The big question. Yeah, you know, and we said this internally to our team, pretty much anybody who wants to go, you can go. But if you don’t want to go, we totally understand. You don’t have to have don’t got to tell us the reason, like whatever we get it. And I think that’s the case.  [00:07:30][13.4]

Zach Moreno: [00:07:31] It’s a tough call.  [00:07:31][0.1]

Rock Felder: [00:07:31] Usually but especially with a pandemic still going around, even though it seems to be at the tail end. Right. So, yeah, man, what’s what’s the status for you? I know you got an interesting answer for us.  [00:07:43][12.2]

Zach Moreno: [00:07:44] Yeah. And it’s not not an easy question to answer because my my wife, Becca and I are expecting our first child.  [00:07:51][7.0]

Rock Felder: [00:07:52] Yeah.  [00:07:52][0.0]

Zach Moreno: [00:07:53] Sagan Manuel, so.  [00:07:53][0.6]

Rock Felder: [00:07:54] Hey.  [00:07:54][0.0]

Zach Moreno: [00:07:55] Excited to welcome Sagan into the world. End of July is the is the projected due date. And that timeline just is way too close to Podcast Movement. So we have a robust parental leave policy at SquadCast. So I’ll be taking care of the new child with my wife. So I unfortunately, that means I can’t attend this year for for Podcast Movement. And I mean, I would be bummed by that on its own. But to have grown the team and have so many new awesome people that we’re a remote team. So events like this is also when we get together as a team in person. And I’m a little bummed that that I’m going to miss out on that first time around with so many new people like Jean and Hannah and Kim and of course, Alex and Vince and the whole team. So that’s a bummer for me. But I’m glad that I’m glad that the team is able to get together and and really get to if they haven’t already meet firsthand a lot of the customers and creators that they serve through their work in SquadCast and have that personal connection established or continued. And a lot of cases with long, long time friends in the in the podcast community. How about you? Are you planning on attending?  [00:09:08][72.6]

Rock Felder: [00:09:08] Yeah, well, who couldn’t think of a better reason to to miss something? So that’ll be a super special for all of SquadCast, to welcome young Sagan into the mix. But yeah. So the way I was thinking about it was if the event goes on as they plan to and if our team members are going to be there, even if just one, I felt like extra obligated to go because you wouldn’t be there. And so they just felt like it wouldn’t be, you know, I’m pretty sure it was going to go or if Hannah was going to or the two, you know, it’s like, OK, well, I have to go and and it’s not. But I want to go to I was I’m really excited to see that the rest of the team, sounds like we’ll have good representation there. And exactly like you said, it’s going to be bittersweet because it’s going to be special. These events are always special for that team building aspect on top of community building stuff. But this year will be extra special because we’ll have so many new folks to the mix. It’ll be our first one together. And so I am very much looking forward to it in a new city that I’ve never been so. And I think that city has some pretty good food, so I think we’ll have a good time and do the SquadCast way. But yeah, it will no doubt be bittersweet because we’ll be missing you. The team is really looking forward to it was what got me especially juiced, was they were all for someone like Kim or Jean, who’s a podcast listener, but not necessarily in the industry like we all are. Or you, the listener, are. This is going to be their their first time getting introduced to the podcast community the way that it was Podcast Movement was for us. So I think I’m really excited for that, too. And I’m excited to see our old friends again.  [00:10:49][100.4]

Zach Moreno: [00:10:49] Yeah. So many great memories and new memories to be made. So, like you said. Bittersweet. But we do these events a lot, at least before, before the shelter in place. So I think there’ll be there’ll be other opportunities like She Podcasts, like some other PodFest, again, you know, other other awesome events to look forward to.  [00:11:12][22.2]

Rock Felder: [00:11:14] All right, so putting on your your fortune teller hat, what do you think it’s going to be like, Zach?  [00:11:18][4.5]

Zach Moreno: [00:11:19] Yeah, I mean, just the logistics of travel right now with international you know, there’s always international teams that come into into Podcast Movement like our friends at Captivate, you know, and there’s a whole bunch of baggage around that with quarantining. And that’s heavy. You know, that’s that’s a lot of extra days to add to the trip. So that’s going to be a little bit strange. I think it’s probably going to be a lot of people’s first time on an airplane or at an airport or at an event where there’s thousands of people. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people, like, show up and then are like, I’m not cool with this. Like, turns out, you know, I’m kind of curious how many people will fall in that camp. And then it’ll be like, all right, I just hang out in Nashville or in the lobby or something like that for for a little while. It’s like flipping a light switch, going from quarantined at home alone for over a year to, you know, the largest event in the podcast industry. But there’s a lot of great reasons to go and learn and the state of the world.  [00:12:22][62.4]

Rock Felder: [00:12:22] Reconnect.  [00:12:22][0.0]

Zach Moreno: [00:12:22] Seems to be improving. Yeah, I think people are really hungry for that community. So bit of a double edged sword. You know, we, I guess, got to take some risks at some point, but it seems like it’s pretty, pretty well managed. Just even staying at a hotel. Right. Not being in your space. All of these things seem strange. And now kind of looking in the rearview mirror, it’s kind of amazing that we were so cool with all of this for like the longest time and didn’t really think much of it.  [00:12:47][24.5]

Rock Felder: [00:12:48] Yeah, I have definitely been thinking of that this past year, like I was. I don’t think I’m a dirty person, but I was like definitely way more chilled than I realized when it came to cleanliness, got us all rethinking that.  [00:13:01][12.9]

Zach Moreno: [00:13:02] Yeah. I mean, shaking people’s hands.  [00:13:03][1.4]

Rock Felder: [00:13:04] Riding BART, the bus. [00:13:04][0.3]

Zach Moreno: [00:13:07] Yeah. I mean, I am excited to to get back to the the meet ups here in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Podcasters Association, California Podcasters Association. That is something that I’ve been meaning to email Danny and Steve about. See how we can get that going again. What do you think it’ll be like, though, getting back to the cadence of podcast industry events?  [00:13:27][20.5]

Rock Felder: [00:13:28] So I think as it pertains to Podcast Movement, so I have no doubt that I think it’s likely that what you’re saying about some people kind of getting freaked out being there, that’s totally possible. However, I don’t know if this is just me being bias of what I think I will be like, because I definitely think this is how I’ll be. But I think I think more people might be like this to where the thought of it is not nearly as bad as like once they’re there. Once I’m there, I think I’ll be fine. And I think I’ll be like, super stoked and happy to see whoever is there. And I just feel like once we get there, we’ll, it’ll be great. I think we’re ready to get back to normal. And I think once we’ll get there, it’s going to be a good time and everybody’s going to be glad that they made the trip.  [00:14:14][45.9]

Zach Moreno: [00:14:15] Yeah, you could still take a lot of precautions, right. Like, totally thought a foot bumps, a lot a.  [00:14:20][5.2]

Rock Felder: [00:14:21] Foot bumps.  [00:14:21][0.1]

Zach Moreno: [00:14:21] Well, it looks like I don’t know what to call it. I mean, maybe there’s some slang out there, but that’s what people were doing it PodFest. So that’s my only experience with this kind of thing.  [00:14:30][8.1]

Rock Felder: [00:14:31] See, I missed out. I don’t know.  [00:14:32][0.9]

Zach Moreno: [00:14:36] And then also the venue looks like a really massive place, so I’m not quite sure how much of that will be just for Podcast Movement or some places have multiple events going on at once, but it looks really like a like a lot of space. So I’m hopeful that, you know, people will feel comfortable with that.  [00:14:53][17.0]

Rock Felder: [00:14:53] Yeah. So we’ll be there, SquadCast will be there. We’ll have an exhibiter booth, as always. So please stop by, meet the team. We’ll probably have a shirt or a fanny pack or a mask, god willing, but we’ll have we’ll have something for you there. But we’d love to hang out and talk with you. Be great to reconnect and see you again. And, you know, and maybe we’ll have some of Zach’s baby pictures to share. That’ll be awesome. [00:15:17][23.5]

Zach Moreno: [00:15:17] Yeah. Looking forward to hopefully, hopefully Evolutions, you know, hopefully some of some of the other events. And it’s I’m happy for the podcast community that it can that it can reconvene and get back to learning from each other and helping support, helping support each other. That’s really what the the magic is about these events. And to have. Yeah. Contributing role and in that is is even more cool from my perspective, even if I’ll be even if I’ll be at home. It’s awesome.  [00:15:46][29.0]

Rock Felder: [00:15:47] Absolutely. And for the record, Zach, I was talking about pictures of your baby, not your baby pictures. Didn’t want you to think that I was going to be putting you out that way.  [00:15:56][8.7]

Zach Moreno: [00:15:57] I don’t think any of that stuff’s online. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll share it. It’s like a throwback throwback Thursday or something.  [00:16:02][5.4]

Rock Felder: [00:16:03] Hey, who doesn’t love a baby pic?  [00:16:04][0.9]

Zach Moreno: [00:16:08] Yeah. Let us know on socials if you’re going. Let us know how you’re answering these questions for for yourself or your team, and, yeah, I hope everybody can can find a way to contribute to the event, whether you’re virtual or in person.  [00:16:23][15.3]

Rock Felder: [00:16:23] Take care, everybody.  [00:16:24][0.4]

Rock Felder: [00:16:26] Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of Between Two Mics.  [00:16:29][2.7]

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