In this episode, Zach and Rock are joined by JJ Ramberg in the virtual SquadCast studio. JJ is one of the founders of Goodpods, a social podcast listening app.

They discuss:
– Why JJ created Goodpods with her brother, Ken
– How podcasters can use Goodpods to grow their shows
– How listeners can use Goodpods to find new, different podcasts
– What can be improved both within Goodpods and in the larger podcast space

About JJ:
Over the last 13 years, JJ hosted a show for NBC News called Your Business, a podcast called Been There Built That and a series on BBC World News called Follow the Food.  ​​

She also got my MBA from Stanford, had three kids, and partnered with my brother on Goodshop, an online coupon site that has donated more than $13 million to charity.

Show Notes