Today, SquadCast co-founders Zach Moreno and Rock Felder speak with Juleyka Lantigua-Williams.

About Juleyka:
Juleyka founded a digital media studio whose mission is to support and amplify the work of creators from the margins in digital audio and film. She has made inclusion a central theme in her life’s work, while endeavoring to fully understand her own experiences as a hyphenated American.

In this episode, we walk through Juleyka’s professional career. After 18 years, she went from print journalism to audio. Since 2017 when she founded her company, Lantigua Williams and Co., Juleyka has had a huge impact on the podcast industry.

Learn about Juleyka’s company, LW&C:
Our work stems from a mandate to see things differently. To use digital narrative tools to bring people from the margins to the center of the story. To free them to create and command their own universes. Guided by a shared journalistic ethos, we seek stories in the seams of society, where strength and courage dwell. And where fiction has nothing on real life.

In this interview, Juleyka speaks on choosing the phrase “erasing the margins.” Her team at LW&C adopted this term to describe the work they’re creating in the audio space. She explains why this term describes the work they’re producing.

Don’t miss this interview. Juleyka offers incredible career advice, podcast tips, and guidelines on putting out content and actually securing an engaged audience.

Show Notes