Meet SquadCaster Joey Held. He’s the host of the podcast Sports R Dumb.

About The Show
 Sean and Joey love sports, but they realize there are a lot of dumb elements within our favorite games. And each week, they’ll break down one of those dumb things in this tidy, bite-sized podcast. Learn more here.

About This Episode
We explore how challenging it is to call delay of game penalties (and why they often get missed), look at cool NFL technology, and reminisce on an arcade game that simulated being electrocuted. The 90s were weird, weren’t they?

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  • Written and produced by Arielle Nissenblatt
  • Mixed and designed by Vince Moreno Jr
  • Artwork and logos by Alex Whedbee
  • Music by Shawn Valles
  • Hosted by Zach Moreno and Rock Felder
  • Transcripts by Sabeena Singhani