Welcome to our SquadStories series! While SquadCast co-founder Zach Moreno is away on family leave, Rock Felder is chatting with members of the SquadCast team about their stories.

In this episode, we meet Vince Moreno Sr., AKA Big Vince. Vince is our CIO and he also helps out on the support side of things. Rock asks Vince about his career in data and how it led him to the podcast industry. They also touch on what it’s like for Vince working for both of his sons, Zach and Vince Jr.

If you’re wondering what it takes to work in customer service, Vince Sr. provides a masterclass on the subject. He shares his philosophy on keeping a cool demeanor and staying committed to helping out every single person who comes to our support center.

Rock also asks Vince about becoming a grandpa! Don’t miss this chat.


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Episode Transcripts

Mike Dilke: [00:00:00] Before we get to this week’s episode of Between Two Mics, I want to tell you about another show which I think you’re going to like. I’m Mike Dilke and I’m the host of the Relaxed About UK show. It’s a podcast all about health, covering everything from stopping smoking, allergies, burnout, out wound healing, exercise, skin cancer and much, much else. You can find it on UK Health Radio by Googling the Relax Back UK show. OK, let’s crack on with this week’s episode of the SquadCast podcast.  [00:00:30][30.0]

Zach Moreno: [00:00:37] Welcome to Between Two Mics, the podcast that brings you remote recording resources from SquadCast.fm. [00:00:42][5.6]

Rock Felder: [00:00:45] I’m Rock Felder, co-founder and CFO of SquadCast.[00:00:47][2.6]

Zach Moreno: [00:00:49] And I’m Zach Moreno, co-founder and CEO.  [00:00:51][2.3]

Rock Felder: [00:00:52] On Between Two Mics, we bring you interviews with podcasters, experts in the field of remote recording. We discuss current events in podcasting and so much more.  [00:01:01][8.8]

Zach Moreno: [00:01:02] Twice a month you’ll hear a Founders’ episode. That’s just the two of us chatting about all things remote recording updates to squad cars, what we’re up to and what we’re listening to.  [00:01:13][10.9]

Rock Felder: [00:01:14] The other two weeks of the month, we’ll bring you interview episodes. Zach and I will sit down with experts in the podcast Space to discuss their companies, their podcasts, their thoughts on podcasting, creating content and more.  [00:01:26][12.2]

Zach Moreno: [00:01:27] The most exciting part? We’re recording all of this on SquadCast, the best place to record remote audio and video interviews in studio quality.  [00:01:36][9.2]

Rock Felder: [00:01:37] So let’s get between two mics.  [00:01:40][2.8]

Rock Felder: [00:01:42] Hey, listener! Rock Here. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Between Two Mics. This is a series we’re calling Squad Stories. While Zach is away we thought it’d be fun to bring you interviews with the rest of the SquadCast team. But as always, we want to hear your Squad story. So please head over to SquadCast . fm / share to submit a squadshot, an audio clip, a really anything. We just want to amplify you on all of our socials.  [00:02:08][26.0]

Rock Felder: [00:02:10] For this episode, we talked to Vince Moreno Sr., or as we call him, Big Vince. Vince is the CIO here at SquadCast. And Vince and I, we chat about the beginning of SquadCastt. What does he do as our CEO and what it’s like having both of your sons be your bosses? Thanks, as always, for listening. We hope you enjoy.  [00:02:28][17.1]

Rock Felder: [00:02:31] All right, Vince Sr., thank you for joining me on Between Two Mics. Is this your first podcast interview?  [00:02:35][4.1]

Vince Sr.: [00:02:36] It is, actually, yes.  [00:02:37][1.0]

Rock Felder: [00:02:38] Oh, welcome. Welcome. Thanks for trusting me with your first one.  [00:02:41][3.0]

Vince Sr.: [00:02:43] Well, if there’s anybody I can trust to be gentle with me for my first time, I it’ll be you.  [00:02:47][4.5]

Rock Felder: [00:02:48] Oh, well, thank you. Well, we do share a birthday, so we are Gemini. So I think we have that. We share that connection. June 5th. Yeah. Well, happy to share it with you. And thank you for saying that because, you know, I do think it would be interesting dynamic having your son interview you, but that’s why you’re here today, because he’s taking a break and for the best reason ever. So before we get to jump right into the interview, congratulations on becoming a grandfather.  [00:03:07][19.5]

Vince Sr.: [00:03:08] Oh, thank you very much. It’s very, very exciting. And we’ve had the chance to we live in different cities, so we’ve had the chance to visit and see him.  [00:03:18][9.8]

Rock Felder: [00:03:18] Awesome.  [00:03:18][0.0]

Vince Sr.: [00:03:19] And just a beautiful baby. Couldn’t be more proud.  [00:03:22][3.2]

Rock Felder: [00:03:23] Oh, that’s great to hear. Yeah, I had I was fortunate enough to meet Young Sagan yesterday, actually, so that was really cool. He’s a long baby.  [00:03:30][7.7]

Vince Sr.: [00:03:31] Yeah.  [00:03:31][0.0]

Rock Felder: [00:03:33] He’s got a little bit of Big Vince in him.  [00:03:34][1.2]

Vince Sr.: [00:03:36] Well, we were both the same length at birth, so you might be right there.  [00:03:40][3.3]

Rock Felder: [00:03:40] So before we get into like talking about your work here, at SquadCast, you know, you’re our data and security guy, but you also help out on support. Really wanted to dig into, like, who are you? I mean, obviously you just became a new grandfather, but who is Vince, or a.k.a. Big Vince as we call you.  [00:03:55][15.3]

Vince Sr.: [00:03:56] I’m I’m just a guy who had done a few things in my life as far as career wise and a few other milestones, mostly worked for the state government here in California, doing a variety of things, quite a wide variety of things, actually. But also I love to go camping and enjoy playing poker and just being around, you know, with my wife and our growing family.  [00:04:29][33.2]

Rock Felder: [00:04:29] Absolutely. So when your son, Zach, our CEO, asks you, or propose this idea of a startup that has now become SquadCasst back in oh, what was it? It’s got to had to be in like fall of twenty sixteen. I actually have footage of us. I recorded like a selfie video of like for our first meeting between you, Zach and I. And I was kind of funny to hear the top topics we were talking about. But when he first approached you with that idea, like what was that like?  [00:04:55][25.8]

Vince Sr.: [00:04:56] Well, like a lot of folks my age, one of the first questions is what exactly is a podcast again? So I’ve been well educated in that area now, but he explained it to me and made a lot of sense. And with his background, he has a degree in Web design and web development. And that’s going on in he had a little bit of a career before SquadCast as well, doing things in that realm. But when this idea came about, I felt it was one of the most amazing things that could happen because the the group of people that we had around us to to get this started. Zach, with his Web design and web development, you were in the financial corporate world. So understanding of the business side of things operate was really important. And like I said, I’ve done a wide variety of things. So I’m always interested in trying something new and incorporating things I am familiar with. So it was just amazing. And then the rest of the team, as it developed the perfect group of guys to get things going, are my other son, Vince Jr.’s chief audio engineer and chief of support as well. And Alex, who went to college with Zach for web design and taking on our the design of our platform. And just everybody had the right set of skills and experience and willingness to give it a try. So to me it was a lot of fun, a very interesting project to hear about and to ultimately be asked to be part of.  [00:06:35][99.3]

Rock Felder: [00:06:35] No apprehension or no when asked to do this now, because you did jump right in there with us very quickly. And also, like, yes, you’ve had this long career as a as a DBA or just, you know, familiar with data and security to some degree as well. Right. But you’ve learned a lot of new stuff, though, too. It’s not like your what you did got you ready for this. So what’s it been like having to take this long experience that you’ve had, but apply it to a startup and then pick up new skills along the way, which it’s been incredible from my perspective?  [00:07:05][29.9]

Vince Sr.: [00:07:06] That certainly was a, I wouldn’t say concern, but as an obstacle, my tech career was in specific environments and coming into starting SquadCast, the environment that we wanted to take advantage of here was very different than what I was used to. So talking about data I’m used to tabular format with using structured query language or something very similar to extract what you’re looking for and produce reports, but we went to very different directions. So the way of learning different ways to to capture and extract data. This has been a few instances where I’ve had to learn on the go, which I have never been opposed to. That’s a lot of things in my career to start. Something looked interesting and I was given the ability to go investigate and see what I could do with it. And luckily I’ve been able to do what was needed.  [00:08:09][62.6]

Rock Felder: [00:08:09] Absolutely, yeah. That’s been a core competency for us here at SquadCast is like learning stuff on the fly. One of the terms that Zach and I heard early on that really hit home for us was like this just in time learning, like you’re learning things right at the time that you need it, and then not just learning it, but applying it directly. And I just think that shows like the incredible attitude that you’ve had through this all along the way. And to continue on that something also that’s unique about your position here is, you know, your son is your boss. Actually, both of your sons are technically your boss. Zach being the CEO and head honcho, he’s the ultimate ultimate boss. But then you’re working on support. So you are following orders and instructions from Vince Junior, who is our head of support. So what’s that been like for you?  [00:08:52][42.9]

Vince Sr.: [00:08:54] Well, it’s it’s fun, I guess, is I keep using that word or coming back to it, but that’s what it is, you know, of when you’re when your kids are growing up, you never think you’re going to be in this position. You hope that they’re going to do well and maybe the situation can come about, but you never know for sure. So I continue to be amazed every day by not only Vince and Zach, but everybody on the team that how well everything just comes together and how everybody does their job so well. And the relationships that we’ve gone that know, we started off as just five guys trying to see if this is something that customers are want. And we’ve grown it into a team of 13 with a few ladies, several advisors. It’s just fun because we get up and I start looking at things and in support you can hear some people’s frustration sometimes with things aren’t going how they might expect it. Or if they’re not aware that certain things need to be done in certain ways, then you can get frustrating. But by the time the conversation ends, I would say all the time or even most of the time. But there are enough times where the conversation ends with, you know, I guess I was just a little frustrated, but thanks for your help. You guys are awesome. The product is doing great. So it’s more like helping rather than just listening to people complaining.  [00:10:23][89.2]

Rock Felder: [00:10:24] Yeah. And like you said earlier, you were relatively new to podcasting. You kind of needed to know what it is for to find it all that type of stuff, which is pretty, you know, back in even in twenty sixteen, that’s like there was a lot of people like that. But what’s it been like from your perspective to serve content creators? I got to imagine it’s a little bit different of a of an end user than what you’re used to back at your previous jobs.  [00:10:46][21.3]

Vince Sr.: [00:10:46] Yes. And no more. No more. No than yes. Actually, as far as a difference, people are people. So when they’re using something they haven’t used before, they need to learn how to do it. And as long as you’re familiar with what to tell them, then things go fairly well. There are so many variables within this world that it takes some getting used to or some figuring out to make sure you’ve got what your equipment can do set up so that it can do it within our platform.  [00:11:20][33.8]

Rock Felder: [00:11:21] Well, you certainly got the demeanor for support. You got to be kind of cool, calm and collected because, you know, I definitely was leveraging on my experience as a as a food server where what I figured out very early on was like if a order was messed up, whether it was my fault or not, they kind of didn’t care. They just wanted to know that I understood that they weren’t happy and, like, figure out a way to take care of them. And I just viewed that as like an opportunity to wow them, make their day, turn it around. And I think that’s our ethos with support as well as that. It’s an opportunity for us to demonstrate how much we care and how much we understand that time is of the essence. That’s one of the magical things about SquadCast, is people are like connecting and having conversations and building relationships with people. But also a time is of the essence, like there’s a sense of urgency that it needs to work in that amount of time. Have you done customer support like this before, or was this a new endeavor for you?  [00:12:13][51.3]

Vince Sr.: [00:12:13] Actually, for about seven to eight years in two different state agencies, I worked in the customer call center or public service or whatever they call them, back at that point, talking with members of the general public and in some cases specific groups of people who needed the services of the department that worked, got a little bit of a thick skin, you know, you hear things like you people all the time, which isn’t easy. You know, I’m not disparaging anybody who says that. But when you hear it over and over and over again, you can start to grind on you and things like that where you just people in a bad situation letting us know how they’re feeling. And, you know, if you if you don’t have the right type of personality, you can take a lot to a lot of that to heart and not do very well in a position like that. So you make a good point. It’s you need to be able to have a little bit of thick skin in the personality to say, OK, you’re not upset with me personally. I understand that you’ve got a situation and I’m here to help you, so let’s get to it. So that’s that’s I think my own personal way of approaching support is just to make sure that the people understand that we are trying to we’re here to help and we like helping.  [00:13:35][81.9]

Rock Felder: [00:13:35] It takes two to tango with that. And following up on your point that, you know, one of the things for me when I was doing support was like, it’s easy to feel like, you know, if you’re getting one unhappy customer that like, oh, my gosh, is everybody feeling this way? But then, you know, you look at the data, thanks to you for setting up that up and providing that, but looking at the data, it was incredibly relieving to see that, OK, yes, we’re dealing with these people that we want to turn it around. We want to make their day. We want to make them have a good experience. But thankfully, based on the data, like, that’s not the majority. And I think, like, that’s helped reset my sense of reality, because I think it can be kind of easy to get out of touch with reality and support because all you’re do you know, how often do people just reach out and support to say, hey, I hope you’re having a nice day? Usually it’s they need something or, you know, something’s wrong from their perspective. So it’s almost always not the best situation to be communicating with someone.  [00:14:28][53.0]

Vince Sr.: [00:14:29] So the vast majority of our customer base are not reaching out to support for help. And, you know, I see that as a huge, huge positive for the company because it shows that the platform is stable and is performing for the vast majority of the situations as it should, which is ultimately what you want when you bring a product to market produce is that people, it works for people and they like. So when something does come across, that’s, you know, seems like it’s insurmountable or a huge problem. We discuss with the team or with other folks in the in other areas. But it’s it’s never a feeling of anxiety or doom or anything like that, because whatever it is, it can be resolved. Technologies, you can do whatever you tell it to do. So we just need to find out what we’ve told it to do wrong and fix it.  [00:15:33][63.3]

Rock Felder: [00:15:34] Let’s take a short breather. We’ll be right back.  [00:15:36][2.3]

Arielle Nissenblatt: [00:15:40] Hello, SquadCaster, Arielle, your community manager here with a quick message. At the beginning of this episode, you heard a pre-roll ad from a SquadCast customer. They told you a bit about their podcast and then gave us a nice introduction into this week’s episode of Between Two Mics. If you record your podcast on SquadCast, you can submit one of these pre roll ads too. We want to show off your podcast. For details on submitting an ad for your show. Head to SquadCast Dot FM Slash Share. That’s our new content submission page. In addition to voice clips, you can submit squad shots, feature videos and more. Again, head to SquadCast dot FM slash share, super easy URL to remember it’s SquadCast dot FM slash what? Share. Squad Cast dot fm slash sare to submit your voice clips so that we can feature you on this podcast. OK, let’s get back to the show.  [00:16:34][53.8]

Rock Felder: [00:16:37] Well, that’s one of the things I’ve learned from you when making requests for certain data types of reports to gain some insights on what our customers are doing or how the app is performing and functioning and stuff like that. And that’s one of the things you always tell me is like I could pretty much get you whatever you want. You just got to tell me and I got to figure out how to how to get you what you want kind of thing. But that’s always been super amazing to me. But I do think it sounds similar to the technical side of things to which that’s why I think engineers are freakin rock stars, because it’s like so amazing what they can do. And if people only knew, like, all the stuff that goes into the experience, like, I think we would have a much greater appreciation for not just like SquadCast, but like all technology, like the way that it works now, how it works, ninety nine point ninety nine, nine percent of the time. And of course, that time that it doesn’t work, that it can be frustrating, whether it is zoom or SquadCast or Facebook or whatever, like, yeah, it can be frustrating, but it’s just because we’re so used to how good it works and how, you know, how much we almost take it for granted. Sometimes I think.  [00:17:43][65.5]

Vince Sr.: [00:17:44] It’s really easy to become comfortable with technology and expectations of technology. Technologies is very easy to get comfortable with and get frustrated with. If it doesn’t work the way I think. I will freely admit that I have never thrown a remote control, but or you want to computer out the window. But I think we’ve all had that feeling before.  [00:18:11][27.2]

Rock Felder: [00:18:12] Sometimes I want to throw it at the TV and that makes no sense. So I know you’ve mentioned that your experience thus far with SquadCast has been fun, which I’m happy to hear, because, I mean, shoot, if it wasn’t for this, you’d probably be actually enjoying your retirement, which should be fun. So I’m glad at least some way you’re enjoying it. You’re having fun regardless. But I want to know, like, what are you looking forward like? What are you most excited about for SquadCast in your role with SquadCast?  [00:18:38][25.9]

Vince Sr.: [00:18:39] That’s kind of an interesting question, because everything that I hope for, for SquadCast has come true. We’re doing well. We have a very nice customer base. And in fact, we went to the first event that we went to, I think it was in Anaheim Podcast Movement that year. There it was nothing but doubt. We didn’t know if the community even wanted what we were planning. So a lot of those conversations are this is what we’re planning. What do you think? And so we got a lot of answers from folks and we listened. And that that’s another aspect I think that’s different about our company, is that the platform that we had back then was very, very different than what we have now.  [00:19:27][48.0]

Rock Felder: [00:19:28] Totally.  [00:19:28][0.0]

Vince Sr.: [00:19:28] And the reason for that is all the feedback from all the events and the support, questions or concerns, all of that has had an impact on the existing platform. A perfect example of that. But it’s not it’s not the only example is video recording. It was never in the original plan at all, but customers said they wanted it. And we looked at how we could get it done and we did. It took us a little bit of time to to get it in place, but not in the grand scheme of things, considering when we first decided we wanted to to see about getting incorporated and when it finally did. But lots of customers have told us about different things that they want to see within the platform. And it’s just really nice to to try and incorporate everything we can and we usually can. It’s just a matter of timing, you know, because we plan things out like all the other companies and we have things that we’re we’re expecting to be releasing within every few months. So you have to work on those things to make sure they get out and are working properly. But once they are, then you look at the next list of items that people are asking for, and that’s usually where we start to. To get back to your question about what am I what I hope for from SquadCast, it’s a it’s a tough question for me to answer. My my sons are working in a company that they’ve built with their friends and doing quite well and starting families now. So as a parent, that’s all you can hope for. Sure. You know, things can always be improved upon, but we do that on a regular basis. So, you know, it’s I’m a happy man where we’re at now.  [00:21:29][121.0]

Rock Felder: [00:21:30] That’s beautiful.  [00:21:31][0.3]

Vince Sr.: [00:21:31] Whatever happens now is is just I’m just always going to be happy.  [00:21:36][4.6]

Rock Felder: [00:21:37] Good, good, I’m glad to hear that and hopefully continue to have fun, but it is funny that you bring that up because the deeper I get into this game, I start to realize how there’s, like opposing thoughts, like constantly in my head. So, like, on the one hand, I’m totally feeling like, you know, things can always be better. I want to just get better. Like, all I can see is improvement or opportunities for growth and all that stuff. But then on the other hand, I totally you know, now that we’re reminiscing on it, I totally agree with you that, like, we’re already kind of winning here because like, you know, just getting it off the ground, just being able to have the business, like have real customers that love the product who are willing to pay for it. And then sing our praises and get other people to use the platform is like incredible. And like, you know, pretty much ever since that first paycheck from SquadCast came, like that was a huge moment for me to where it’s like, wow, this thing that we created is now like helping us live, like providing an income for all of us and all of our families. And so, like, those are huge moments where because for me on a personal level, like I wanted to start a business, like I wanted to check that off the list just to see if I could do it or what that would be like. I think going through the rest of my life and just not doing that would have been an incredible failure. So in some ways, like, you know, mark that what if off the box and then just being able to like where it’s like getting to a point where it’s working and it’s it’s it’s performed beyond expectations. But at the same time, it’s like, well, this is exactly what I expected and what we should be doing. So I struggle with that sometimes. So it’s good to have this conversation with you kind of reset and realize that, like, this is amazing already. And I’m just even more excited for it to continue. I think like. Yeah, taking in that original founding five of us is was a really special time. But I’m also really enjoying bringing new people into the mix. People that are extremely talented, have wonderful personalities who are making us like making me as a leader and an individual better, but like clearly making the company better, too, in so many ways. And it’s just like it’s heavy sometimes. But I can’t believe that that we’re here and just it’s just inspiring to just keep keep going and keep doing more.  [00:23:50][133.7]

Vince Sr.: [00:23:51] You’re absolutely right. And competition that we have more of that now makes the daily day in and day out stuff a little more stressful, maybe thinking about what others are doing and how we might stay ahead of them, or if we even want to go in directions they want to go or they’re saying they’re going, that kind of thing can get on you. You know, I just keep coming back to looking at our customers and the things they’re saying to us both in person and support indicates to me that we’re doing something right. And that’s all you can hope for in business.  [00:24:31][40.3]

Rock Felder: [00:24:32] Right. And the competition has certainly increased. And, you know, originally it was like it’s easy to feel threatened, but I’ve actually started to see it as a as a good thing because it does show that, like, the work that we’re doing here is meaningful, that this is a category that we are creating called the cloud recording studio. And, you know, it’s worth, worth fighting over. And I think, you know, the increasing competition is indicative of that. But then also, I do like I’m the type of person that actually likes pressure and accountability and responsibility. Like, I kind of run to it because it it brings out the best in me. And I think it’s bringing out the best in all of us as a as a team, whether it’s our individual contributions, which, of course, build up to this larger contribution as a team. So it’s been pretty awesome seeing everybody unify and like, really come together. And again, just like make the experience continue to delight our customers, that’s really it’s all about as long as we’re delighting customers. Like you said, it should all we should all work out. So I am very optimistic about that. And I think what we’re doing is very unique and different. Like people know our faces, people know who’s behind this platform. And, you know, that’s not always the case. But that is that’s our strength. So we’re going to lean into it a lot. So that’s why we’re having stuff like this podcast here, the SquadStories series. And so before I let you go, though, I do want to know, though, what are you most excited about for you, Vince? I mean, separated from SquadCast like what are we looking forward to? I mean, I’m hoping you’re actually going to retire at some point, but what else?  [00:25:59][87.3]

Vince Sr.: [00:26:01] Yeah, hopefully. But as far as personal plans and goals, I think getting to know my grandson a lot better is is very, very high on the list. And certainly there’s there’s a lot of hobbies and things I like to do that woodworking, camping, playing poker, those kinds of things are what I like to do. Those are the things that I generally gravitate to when I’m not working. But, you know, anybody who’s been around a little baby that’s, you know, only a few days old, that’s going to get you for quite a while. [00:26:42][41.2]

Rock Felder: [00:26:44] Oh yeah, no doubt about that. And I’m sure there’s a I’m not sure, but I would imagine that’s there’s more to come in that realm, too. So a lot to look forward to. And I can’t believe we just brought up your your poker experience. Now, I should have asked about that because that’s a very unique thing and interesting about you. Maybe tell the audience what’s your claim to fame when it comes to poker? Because it’s pretty it’s a pretty fun story.  [00:27:06][21.8]

Vince Sr.: [00:27:07] Yeah, absolutely. I had a great time. Basically, I got introduced to this group of people who started what they called a poker league, joined the league for a little bit of money. And you play some tournaments throughout the year and you get points for where you finish in the tournament. And the folks who did the best over the course of the year that that entry money was put together and given to us as prize money. But it had to be used as an entry fee into an event at the World Series of Poker.  [00:27:44][36.4]

Rock Felder: [00:27:44] Yeah.  [00:27:44][0.0]

Vince Sr.: [00:27:45] So that’s a certainly a worthwhile goal for a lot of poker players. And so I made it mine and I was lucky enough. I was in the league for four years and I was able to go to play in World Series three times. So I was very, very excited to to get to go to Vegas and sit down with some of the top names. And one of the times I was knocked out was by somebody very famous. And that made being knocked out of the tournament a lot easier. Certainly you want to do well, but I don’t know if I should mention any names, but it was somebody from Hollywood that I ran into some cards and they got the best of me.  [00:28:34][48.9]

Rock Felder: [00:28:34] So emphasis on the wood in Hollywood, right?  [00:28:36][2.4]

Vince Sr.: [00:28:37] Absolutely. Yeah.  [00:28:38][0.9]

Rock Felder: [00:28:39] I thought you knocked him out. Excuse me. I forgot that he knocked you out. But either way, it’s still a funny story.  [00:28:44][4.3]

Vince Sr.: [00:28:44] No pair of nines usually doesn’t do good against a pair of aces.  [00:28:47][2.7]

Rock Felder: [00:28:47] So I’m not a poker player. That’s one of the manly things I’m not familiar with. But I do know that.  [00:28:54][6.7]

Vince Sr.: [00:28:55] One time I did get within about an hour and a half of actually earning some prize money there. But that’s the closest I got. Again, all the people, you know, it’s just a lot of fun and you’re doing something that you enjoy.  [00:29:11][15.9]

Rock Felder: [00:29:12] Yeah. Well, thank you for sharing that story and appreciate your time here today. Thank you so much for joining us for this interview. It was fun talking to you about, you know, your role here at SquadCast, digging a little bit deeper in your new life as a as a grandfather, hearing your experience and perspective and customer support and, yeah, getting to know you a little bit better as this poker player, I think it fits with your demeanor. So it makes a lot of sense why you’re good at it.  [00:29:36][23.2]

Vince Sr.: [00:29:36] Thank you very much. I and I appreciate you having me on. Like you said that I’m new to this experience and I appreciate that getting the opportunity and talking is not difficult. So I have a great time. I’m very grateful and thankful to to be part of it.  [00:29:56][20.3]

Rock Felder: [00:29:57] Well, you’re very welcome. Can’t wait to share this with our listeners.  [00:29:59][2.4]

Rock Felder: [00:30:00] Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of Between Two Mics.  [00:30:03][2.7]

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Zach Moreno: [00:30:59] That’s it for us this week. We’re back next week with more from between these mics.  [00:30:59][0.0]