We are very excited to announce a unique collaboration with Dolby to provide podcasters with the best audio experience possible.

Remote podcast conversations are best when physical distance doesn’t get in the way of connecting or recording.

The intimate magic of audio, as a medium, only happens when distance melts away and creators, hosts, and guests feel like they’re in the same room.

We are collaborating with Dolby Laboratories, the innovative sight and sound company, to dissolve distance and bring the remote recording experience even closer to reality.

Coming soon, Dolby’s powerful spatialized audio technology will be enhancing the SquadCast platform connecting podcasters and guests to sonically feel — and sound like — they are recording in the same room.

From day one, SquadCast has offered video conversations to help podcasters build rapport while recording the highest quality audio from a distance. In a webinar, we outlined how integrating Dolby’s unique technology builds on that foundation.

These enhancements will benefit all podcasters — from those who prefer to get their hands dirty with production to others who want a turnkey recording solution.


SquadCast’s mission is well aligned with Dolby’s – to obsessively provide better quality audio to creators everywhere.  We’re excited that SquadCast is leveraging Dolby’s communications and media processing APIs to enhance a customer’s experience and content in their platform.

Sripal Mehta, Senior Director of Dolby’s Media API Platform

We are thrilled to collaborate with Dolby as they take their first steps into podcasting!

Later this year, we are launching several new features on the SquadCast platform, including:

  • Spatialized audio, that will make you and your guests sound and feel like you’re sonically in the same room while recording together
  • Enhanced audio mastering*, which will add post-production efficiency through automatic leveling, EQ, background noise reduction and more 
  • Studio audience and listener experience features, offering audience engagement and live-streaming tools (coming later in 2020)
  • Screen sharing — yet another feature to create a more frictionless remote recording experience

The SquadCast Recording Engine is not changing. A majority of the features are baked into our current pricing and there will be no additional cost for SquadCast customers. As features are added, SquadCast Hosts will have the option of flipping a switch to get the added functionality when starting and scheduling new recording sessions.

*Additional charge will apply