🎧 Podcaster at a glance

Name: David Rosen
Podcast: Piecing It Together
The ‘why’ behind the podcast: David is a podcast veteran. He realized that, while recording another podcast he hosts with his best friend, he was always trying to force the conversation onto movies. So, he started Piecing It Together, a podcast solely about movies.

Podcast stack

Hosting: Blubrry
Microphone: Shure SM7B
Interface: Focusrite
Editing Software Studio One
Social Media Promotion Wavve for audiograms

Joined the SquadCast Community: David joined the SquadCast community about two years ago.

How do you SquadCast? (Yes, we’re using it as a verb now). Thousands of podcasters and media brands use our remote recording software to capture podcast interviews and conversations. In this series, we’re highlighting our diverse community and sharing how they incorporate SquadCast in their podcast creation process.

🎥 What’s the Piecing It Together podcast about?

Piecing It Together isn’t your average movie review podcast. During each episode, David and a co-host or two (he has a revolving cast of co-hosts rather than just one) take a look at a new film and try to figure out what other movies could have inspired it.

For example, they recently featured a movie called “Possessor.” In the episode, they compare it to “Inception,” the science fiction action film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The podcast helps listeners get a feel for what a new movie is like, and David has a ton of fun doing it. “We get to look back at a whole bunch of other movies along the way, talk about those during the process, and end up with a big list of interesting movies to check out if you liked the [original] movie we were covering,” he says.

🎙️ Podcasting before SquadCast

“We struggled through every single long distance recording service we could find. Eventually, we landed on SquadCast, and it just worked so much better.”

About four years ago, before David started Piecing It Together, he and his best friend created a different podcast called Bird Road. (They still produce this podcast today.)

For the first year or two of Bird Road, “we basically struggled through every single long distance recording service we could find,” David says. “I swear, we tried them all, and they all had their little glitches and issues.” Some had connection complications even when the wind blew slightly.

Eventually, about two years ago, they landed on SquadCast. According to David, it works so much better than everything else they’ve tried, so they’re going to stick with it (yay!).

When it comes down to it, the ultimate audio recording that I get to download at the end sounds the best out of SquadCast.

🤩 Why he uses SquadCast for recording remote podcast interviews

David’s favorite part about using SquadCast? The quality of the recordings. While he knows he could teach his guests how to record themselves locally, which would result in great audio quality, he says he doesn’t have to — and that’s all thanks to SquadCast.

“When it comes down to it,” he says, “the ultimate audio recording that I get to download at the end sounds the best out of SquadCast. And that’s what I love about it.”

Since David has different co-hosts on Piecing It Together each week, the fact that SquadCast provides studio-quality audio for anyone using it to record is critical — and he loves that it works well for people with a broad range of equipment and experience. “Whether it’s someone like me who has that audio background and knows what they’re doing, or if it’s somebody who just has a laptop with a webcam built into it,” he says.