How do you SquadCast? (Yes, we’re using it as a verb now). Thousands of podcasters and media brands use our remote recording software to capture podcast interviews and conversations. In this series, we’re highlighting our diverse community and sharing how they incorporate SquadCast in their podcast creation process.

🎧 Podcaster at a glance

Name: Jodi Krangle
Podcast: Audio Branding: The Hidden Gem of Marketing
The ‘why’ behind the podcast: First and foremost, Jodi makes her podcast because it’s fun. But she also loves changing people’s minds — or broadening their perspective to a point of view they might not have considered. “There’s a true beauty in the world of sound,” she says. “But it can harm us as well as help us.” She’s trying to help people understand that they have the power to choose which path to take, and in the process make the world around them sound better.

The people she’s met along the way have kept her going.

“I’ve met and remained friends with so many awesome people by being involved in podcasting,” she says. “Not only the guests I have on my show (who have all been really wonderful), but the podcasting community at large. I’ve had a lot of fun being on other podcasts to talk about audio branding and voice-overs too. … I love this community.”

Podcast stack

Hosting: Captivate
Microphone: Sennheiser 416
Interface: Steinberg UR22C
Editing Software: Adobe Audition
Social Media Promotion: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
Joined the SquadCast Community: Jodi started using SquadCast in late 2019, shortly after she started her first interviews for the podcast.

🎥 What is the Audio Branding podcast about?

Jodi believes that keeping a consistent sound in how you present your business is the “hidden gem” of marketing.

“I want listeners to understand how very omnipresent sound is in our lives (even if it’s the lack of it!),” she says. “And how they can navigate their world to use that to their advantage.”

In her podcast, she explores — both via her own observations and by interviewing knowledgeable professionals in the fields of advertising, marketing, music and science — how audio or sonic branding influences us in various ways and places throughout our lives.

“It was inspired by a Business Mastermind I was a part of, mentioning to folks that podcasts were the wave of the future,” she says. “I’m a voice actor, and I wanted to talk about the power of sound, which is something I’m passionate about. I had the equipment and the environment already. I thought it would be fun — but I also wanted to raise all boats by letting people out there know how important sound is — and how it influences both our buying behaviours and our lives.”

🎙️ Podcasting before SquadCast

Pre-SquadCast, Jodi used Zoom or Skype and always asked her guests to record their end of the conversation on their own computer using a free recording software such as Audacity or GarageBand.

“I loved the convenience of it [SquadCast] — and the fact that my guests didn’t have to do anything other than have headphones and show up.”

🤩 Why Jodi uses SquadCast for recording remote podcast interviews

Jodi loves that with SquadCast, the audio files are split automatically, and it records locally on each person’s machine. Audio quality is super important to her, especially because her podcast is all about sound, so SquadCast raises to the high standard she sets for her production.

Asked what it would be like podcasting without SquadCast, Jodi says “A lot harder! And my guests would have to do a lot more work to get me a good audio file.”

SquadCast just makes everything easier for both parties, Jodi adds, and she recommends all podcasters not already using it check it out.