How do you SquadCast? (Yes, we’re using it as a verb now). Thousands of podcasters and media brands use our remote recording software to capture podcast interviews and conversations. In this series, we’re highlighting our diverse community and sharing how they incorporate SquadCast in their podcast creation process.

🎧 Podcaster at a glance

Name: Abby Morrison
Podcast: Field, Lab, Earth
The ‘why’ behind the podcast: Abby aims to offer a space that celebrates the work of the authors in her employer, Alliance of Crop, Soil and Environmental Science Societies’, publications department. Throughout the show, she shares the research these authors have published and explains why it’s important to both other researchers and the general public. Working for a company that manages several agricultural societies, Abby says the goal of the podcast is the same as that of ACSESS as a whole: to support and foster this science by spreading the word and building relationships within the field.

Podcast stack

Hosting: Libsyn
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Headphones: Sony MDR7506
Editing Software: Audacity
Social Media Promotion: Headliner (coupled with Twitter)
Joined the SquadCast Community: April 2019

🎥 What is the Field, Lab, Earth podcast about?

Abby is the publications operations specialist at Alliance of Crop, Soil and Environmental Science Societies (ACSESS), which manages and supports three organizations: the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America and Soil Science Society of America. Part of Abby’s job is to host the podcast Field, Lab, Earth, which is about past and present advances in agronomic crops, soil and environmental sciences.

She typically interviews science journalists and authors across various disciplines about what they’re researching, but some episodes have a more historic focus on topics such as famous scientists or events in these fields.

🎙️ Podcasting before SquadCast

Before she became a SquadCaster, Abby recorded on a different program that bundled hosting, stats and recording. She liked it, but eventually decided to look for a new platform that would provide more detailed stats. So she switched to Libsyn, which she loved but required she find a new way to record. Through her research, she found that most recording platforms had a common issue of picking up audio from a lost call or lag. Then she found SquadCast.

“I was doing research on different programs, you know, Zoom or Skype. And it seemed like, with a lot of them, the big struggle was if you lose the call or have lag, then it gets picked up there, or just recording to a single track (is difficult). And so we ended up finding SquadCast just through internet research, and we’re really excited.”

🤩 Why she uses SquadCast for recording remote podcast interviews

Abby loves using SquadCast to record because it eliminates all the issues she had with previous platforms.

“We’re really excited to see that the lag issues wouldn’t be a problem,” she says. “(And) that recording to multiple tracks wouldn’t be an issue. So it really fit a lot of our needs from the get-go.”

With every new recording, SquadCast helps Abby achieve her goal of better serving the agriculture community and offering a space where people can learn something new (in an accessible format) and potentially turn those lessons into networking opportunities.

“It’s not always easy to translate like soil physics, or something like that, for the general public to digest in a way that they can see ‘hey, this does matter,’” Abby says of her goals for the show. “So trying to provide those training opportunities and equipping these scientists to better communicate their science themselves. And just find ways to get them out in front of people.”