Remote Podcasting & Content Production are our superpowers — With SquadCast we have been helping professional podcasters record quality content remotely for the last 3+ years & we’ve learned a LOT of trends, pro-tips, & best practices along the way that we are excited to be publishing for the first time in the new Remote Podcast Stats (RPS) report.

To help bring the new RPS data report to life we partnered with StudioPod, a podcast media company with a physical studio in the Mission District of San Francisco. Julian Lewis, started as a customer of TJ’s and the two became partners when he saw the value of offloading podcast editing and production while improving the quality of his audio and his experience with local guests recording together in person.

What is the Remote Podcast Stats (RPS) industry data report?

We’re big fans & students of Libsyn’s State of Podcasting presentation & Edison Research’s Infinite Dial Report. So we asked ourselves, “what interesting data can we contribute in a similar way?” The answer turned out to be fascinating for a few reasons. Libsyn & Edison focus on Podcast publishing & listening, while we focus on the flip-side of Podcast recording & production. While there is anecdotal evidence for remote production best practices, like popular equipment recommendations from influencers, we saw a unique opportunity to bring the Podcast Community the real data that they deserve.



What was our methodology for collecting this data?

This is a statistically significant data set, with the sample size for 2019 at around 5x larger than the Infinite Dial report. The sample size for 2020 is already largen than that & is growing rapidly. The source of this data is from Hosts & Guests recording on We care deeply for our customer’s privacy & security, which is why all of the data has been anonymized. We believe this data is not ours to sell or profit from in any way but is instead much more valuable & impactful when packaged up into the Report Podcast Stats report for the benefit of the whole Podcast Community.