Happy Pride! We’ve been celebrating all month long and wanted to give LGBTQIA+ SquadCasters a chance to show off their podcasts. This list filled with podcasts by Queer creators, about Queer history and culture. The list also features podcasts by members of the LGBTQIA+ community about all topics! We hope you enjoy this list of podcast recommendations. We appreciate you, SquadCast creators!

Beyond The Ring: Glowing Up Gay

Ryan opens up and tells ALL about his childhood and being “different” in so many ways. This will touch upon every emotion you have ever felt.

Based on a True Story

Eric Marcus is a journalist, founder and host of the Making Gay History Podcast. He joins us today to compare history with the 2015 Roland Emmerich movie Stonewall.

Best Friends Forever University

Besties for 25 years, Brad & Ryan (fueled by sass and spirit) are on a fabulous mission to teach you a thing or two about being your most authentic self, even if that means diving into the unknown or challenging your spirit to let go of all that bogus baggage – and sashay away. Filled with positive stories of love and fabulous guests that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community — each episode is packed with hope, comedy and a dash of drama—just the way they like it.

Pawd Pod

Move over, Nat Geo. Pawd Pod is the punny animal podcast that’ll have you learning and laughing. Hosted by Simon Collier.

HOMOGROUND -queer music podcast

HOMOGROUND is an audio podcast featuring music by queer (LGBTQ & allied) bands/musicians. The podcast was created to bring exposure & access to non-mainstream bands, especially those in isolated communities. We are building a network of queer musicians & music lovers.

Tattoos And Torah

Tattoos And Torah is a podcast dedicated to create a new voice in recovery. Containing original thinking and practicality which often leads to greater understanding of the human condition and increased gratitude. The focus may be on addiction and recovery but the wisdom is universal. Integrating elements that seemingly don’t go with each other the podcast explores recovery, spirituality, wisdom, human connection, lgbtqi+ issues, music, art, fashion and ancient jewish text ( and tattoos too ).

The Glove Podcast

Your host is Gabriela Love, chatting away at things human, being human, and bringing humans together.

Sex Ed With Tim

Tim is a whore. A literal gaping hole on legs. And he wants you to be one too. Join sex educator Tim as he interviews sluts from all walks of life and delve into the good, the bad, and the stinky sides of love, sex, sexuality, relationships, and more. Get comfortable, have a laugh, and open wide! Legs or mouth. Your choice.

Out in the Bay – Queer Radio from SF

Out In The Bay is the San Francisco Bay Area’s weekly radio show and global podcast about queer life and issues. We blend journalism and oral history to bring you news, provocative conversation and commentary from and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people and their allies in California and beyond.

In Good Company

The drama onstage is nothing compared to what’s happening behind the scenes in this original episodic series. Bay City Theatre Artistic Director Lola Grant is performing the ultimate balancing act: running a small, LGBTQ+ theatre during a pandemic, keeping her family together, and producing a new play- that’s still missing an ending. A new kind of podcast for a different kind of world, New Conservatory Theatre Center’s “In Good Company” is a love letter to the resilience of art, artists, and the places they call “home.”

But Where Are You Really From?: An Asian-American Struggle

Hosts and life-long best friends Angela Lin and Jesse Lin explore their identities as Asian-Americans through the lens of their first-generation upbringings and how those influences have shaped how they see the world and their place in it.

PsychNP Cast

A place for PMHNPs to learn, network, and grow.

We Don’t Sip Tea We Drink Wine

Giving a platform to the voiceless and discussing the hard hitting topics we tend to avoid. We drink, we cry, we laugh and have a damn good time! CHEERS!!

What’s Up with Docs

“What’s Up with Docs” are unique podcasts that are created in collaboration with documentary film festivals and events around the world.

The Brave Files

Fear either owns you or empowers you! This is what I explore with my guests on The Brave Files, a podcast featuring people who live courageously and helping ALL of us who are working to transform doubt and worry into fuel that will propel us toward our dreams and get through the tough times.

Gynecologic Surgeons Unscrubbed

Host Cara King, DO, MS, gynecologic surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic, focuses on surgical and medical education, featuring interviews providing expert pearls, patient perspective, and practice-changing discussion.


Based in Toronto but global in outlook, pozcast challenges the status quo and celebrates people living and thriving with HIV. Host James Watson and his guests explore what it means to be poz and share stories of resilience, courage and resolve. Pozcast gets upfront and personal on issues that matter to the HIV community through candid conversations about health, work, love and life.

Gender: Beyond The Binary

June is Pride Month, and this week’s podcast features three members of the LGBTQIA+ community in a discussion about gendered language, the importance of chosen names, and the use and misuse of neopronouns. Our guests, who each write and teach professionally, share how their experiences as people identifying as transgender and non-binary have changed their relationship with – and use of – the English language, and how small changes can make our communications more inclusive.

Somewhere To Believe In

With inclusion, love and acceptance in our minds, we discuss the complex relationship between religion and sexuality and ask each other why the church is STILL so obsessed with who we love? Ruth talks about her own journey in connecting her faith with her advocacy.

Open Wide Say Ah

Open Wide Say Ah is a new, fun, queer podcast all about everything sex and sexual. Hosted by Loren Loubser aka Lekker Lollas: a sex educator, online sex worker & facilitator. This podcast opens up every conversation we are missing in mainstream media. Conversations we are too shy to bring up with friends, partners, parents or even at school. It’s the sex podcast we have all been secretly looking for.

They Can’t All be Betty

This is the gay podcast for everyone: the LBGTQ+ community, our families, and our allies! When I was coming out, Betty DeGeneres was a prominent ally for our community. This podcast is about celebrating the Bettys in our lives — the people who made a difference — simply by showing up and standing in unconditional love. Showing unconditional love doesn’t mean you don’t still have questions or concerns or fears. It just means we have to help each other through the conversation. In this podcast, I’ll chat with “total Bettys” — people whose supportive conversations are helping to keep the closet door open. Be a Betty, y’all!

Cracking The Sky: Conversations With Creatives

Cracking The Sky-Conversations With Creatives with host singer/songwriter/recording artist Cidny Bullens, is a podcast featuring creatives from around the world talking about their experience with their own creative process and what it takes for them to make something out of nothing.

Queer Queeries

Queer Queeries is a conversational podcast that aims to CELEBRATE Queer identity by bringing visibility to this incredible community and EDUCATE those within and outside the community about the unique experiences Queer people have in life and what has made us a fearless and fabulous group of people over the course of history. This podcast will cover the gambit of Queer experience and identity: from the process and need for a queer person to “Come Out” to Queer representation in entertainment to Racism and Homophobia within the community to living with HIV and the stigmas that surround it.

Loud and Proud in Liverpool

Loud and Proud in Liverpool is bringing the conversation on being LGBTQ+ to the forefront. Join Lewis Jennings as he unpacks, shares and celebrates the experiences and work of queer people in Merseyside and beyond. Whether it’s coming out stories or talking about subjects that don’t get enough attention, get acquainted with LGBTQ+ people and allies who are making a difference.

Two Reporters

You’ll feel better about the future of America… after you meet Maria Rose Belding. It’s corny but true: Maria Rose is not quite 26, she’s exuberant and seemingly tireless, and her path-breaking app that helps hungry people is used across the nation. But Maria Rose’s inspiration for this great idea came from a troubling place.


This podcast is the sound signature for Copenhagen 2021; the most significant LGBTI+ event in 2021 taking place in Copenhagen and Malmö. The mega-event is a combined celebration of WorldPride, EuroGames, an eclectic arts and culture program, and the biggest ever LGBTI+ human rights forum.

Gender Stories

Every body has a relationship with gender… What’s your story?In this podcast Alex Iantaffi, author of “How to Understand Your Gender: a practical guide for exploring who you are” will reflect on how gender impacts different areas of our lives, such as relationships, spirituality, parenting and more. They will have guests to explore these topics as well as reflect on their own experiences as a therapist, writer, educator and trans masculine, non-binary person (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, there will be a podcast episode about terminology!).

That’s a Gay Ass Podcast

Whose fault is it that you’re gay? And if you’re straight, why are you so obsessed with us? Eric Williams (host of “That’s A Gay Ass Movie”) expands his gay empire by interviewing queer friends and straight allies about the moments that gayed us. Because like it or not sweetie, everything is gay…you just don’t realize it 3

Queer Public

Queer Public is the podcast about real-life queer life. Each episode we ask critical questions about queer identity, queer politics and our queer culture.

The Is It Transphobic Podcast

With an ever changing panel of trans and non-binary people of diverse experiences Is It Transphobic? aims to explore pieces of questionable transphobia so you don’t have to!

The POV Podcast

The POV PODCAST takes a deeper look into the world of sex, sexuality and relationships, one point of view at a time.

Latter-Day Lesbian

An ex-Mormon gay girl trying to figure out life. Hosts Mary & Shelly tackle religious trauma and later-in-life LGBTQ issues while laughing their asses off on a weekly podcast.

Queer Queeries

Queer Queeries is a conversational podcast that aims to CELEBRATE Queer identity by bringing visibility to this incredible community and EDUCATE those within and outside the community about the unique experiences Queer people have in life and what has made us a fearless and fabulous group of people over the course of history. This podcast will cover the gambit of Queer experience and identity: from the process and need for a queer person to “Come Out” to Queer representation in entertainment to Racism and Homophobia within the community to living with HIV and the stigmas that surround it.

Determine Our Future

I started this podcast because I want to be a force for positive change. I want to charge at the walls of racism, gender discrimination, LGBTQ+ discrimination, and more. I truly believe that we can all understand each other if we only try. And I hope to play these podcasts for my young children when they are a little older, to inform their lives and their decisions.


Our guests are not typical marketing or business celebrities. We seek out guests who can help illuminate some truth about brand, storytelling and communication. (Yep, this is a marketing podcast where we rarely talk to marketers.)

Scissoring Isn’t a Thing

Hey, guess what? Scissoring Isn’t a Thing—or is it? From discussing identity to dismantling old school stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ community, co-hosts Daryn Carp (Andy Cohen’s assistant and host of People’s Reality Check) and Liz Culley (digital media executive and podcaster) get some of the most personal and hilarious interviews from your favorite celebs and personalities.

Trans Chat with Christina

Join host Christiana “Christi” Brekke (author of “I Want to Be Her: a memoir” and “Becoming, Belonging and Blossoming: Diaries of a Trans Girl in Trumpland”) and other fascinating trans people as they share their stories and discuss a wide range of topics relevant to the transgender community and our allies. Real People. Real Lives. Real Talk.

Queer The Table

This episode was originally produced for Season 2 of Bodies, hosted by Allison Behringer. Trans folks are 8x more likely than cis folks to be diagnosed with an eating disorder. Nico shares their own experience with trying to untangle their gender dysphoria from their feelings and behaviours around food.

Straight to L, The L Word Podcast

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