Backstage Invites, Equipment Controls, Private Chat, and WAY More

This blog post is part of our introduction of the New SquadCast.

Recording Sessions now  include more people than just the hosts and guests on the mic and on camera. Our producers, the guest’s crew, or fact-checkers may need access to the session to collaborate, though they don’t necessarily need or want to be on the mic and on camera. Invite these collaborators to join us as Viewers in our Studio, Backstage.

SquadCast Producer Controls

Previously, producers and the like could join sessions with the mic and camera off. This workaround led to a level of distraction and clunkiness. We have smoothed out the wrinkles by offering Team Members a second door to access the session. With Backstage access, your production team and VIP Guests can watch and listen in, discretely communicating through private or group chat.

Production Team

Give your Show’s producers Backstage access, complete with full recording controls, participant equipment controls, and private Chat Groups.

VIP Guests

High-profile guests prefer to roll with a crew of assistants, PR people, and attorneys. While attorneys make great podcasts, they don’t typically need or want to be on the mic and on camera to protect their clients in situations like these. With Backstage Invites sent through links and emails, you can invite whoever you like without needing them to be on the mic or on camera.