Simplified Pricing, Backstage Access, Reimagined Design, and WAY More

SquadCast’s mission is to amplify collaboration among digital creators. We spend a lot of time behind the scenes at SquadCast HQ considering how our platform can serve the multiple dimensions of growth. Growth for podcasters and content creators comes in more ways than subscribers, downloads, and views.

In attending creator-focused conferences over the years, we repeatedly hear inspiring presentations from successful podcasters about how their one show blossomed into two, then into three, and then into a network of monetized and impactful content. From our end of things, we know that increasing shows also increases episodes, and that volume of content production demands a lot from us as creators. We know this firsthand because we’re creators ourselves. We also hear this from our Community – teams of creators with various roles and skills are forming organizations and networks to collaborate. Collaboration means scaling production to execute the workflow and processes needed to meet this increase.

Seeing this trend, we asked ourselves, How can we amplify collaboration in more ways? Where can we innovate? And how do we continue to define the Cloud Recording Studio category and industry standards? For the first four versions of SquadCast, we focused on collaboration within the Recording Session like Premium Recordings, with some features for pre-and post-production, like Scheduling and Mastering Audio with Dolby.

With our upcoming version, we knew that we would need to empower collaboration across the entire production workflow, from pre to post, with a fully reimagined experience in service of addressing trends while answering these ambitious questions.

And thus, v5 of SquadCast – The New SquadCast Cloud Studio and Backstage – is born.

Simplified Pricing

We reduced complexity and simplified our pricing. Video Recording is now in reach for more creators than ever, thanks to our team’s innovative optimizations. With new abilities like shared access for Team Members and multiple Shows, this is the most value-packed version of SquadCast yet.

Learn more about our new pricing.

Orgs and Shows

SquadCast Teams & OrganizationOrganizations are on a new level and empowers collaboration across one or more Shows while applying branding for a customized Studio experience.

For example, if you run a podcast network that focuses on sports shows, your Organization might be called something like SportsNet. Within that Organization, you might have multiple shows, each with different needs, team members, and schedules. Our new updates allow you to separate those shows into different tabs, designate  roles and permissions for your collaborators, and apply branding with show logos to differentiate between them.

Invite Team Members

Invite your Team Members to share access and collaborate on producing your Organization’s Shows. Roles like File Manager and Show Talent give Owners and Admins the fine-grained access controls their Organizations need.

For example, as the head of SportsNet, you can invite your team members to join different shows such as Buckets with Carl and Nothing but Net with Beth. Within those shows, Carl and Beth probably work with a number of collaborators. You can assign roles to those collaborators. Those roles come with permissions, allowing for easy collaboration.

Studio and The Stage

SquadCast Producer ControlsWe designed the new Studio to help creators stay focused on having meaningful conversations on The Stage. At the same time, Backstage empowers Producers with robust controls and Viewers with lots of opportunities to engage.

Learn more about the New SquadCast Studio.


SquadCast Backstage
Recording Sessions have expanded to include more people than just the hosts and guests on The Stage. For  producers, the guest’s crew, or fact-checkers who need access to the session to collaborate, but don’t necessarily need or want to be on the mic and on camera, can be invited to join us as Viewers in the Backstage section of our Studio.

Learn more about the new SquadCast Backstage.

Dashboard and Search

We designed the new Dashboard to help creators stay organized while working with multiple Shows and more Team Members. The new Search feature helps your Team find what they need fast, like your Upcoming Recording Sessions, Favorites, and Recent Recordings.

Learn more about the New SquadCast Dashboard.

Reimagined Experience

With our vision to expand how SquadCast amplifies collaboration for the creators that we serve, it was clear our design process needed to evolve.

Learn more about the New SquadCast Design Language.

New Webhooks and API v2

Our API and Webhooks are expanding with the additions of Organization, Shows, Team Members, Takes, and SquadShots.

Learn more about the SquadCast API v2.

Enhanced Security

SOC 2 Type 1
SOC 2 compliance is an essential factor for organizations trusting and depending on each other for critical lines of business, like podcasting and content creation.

Learn more about the SquadCast SOC 2 Certification.