V2 is a completely rebuilt app &, even with a lot of testing, there’s no substitute for the exposure gained when launched in the real world. Fresh eyes spot opportunities for improvement & shine light into corners of the app that previously hid in the shadows of our test coverage. This wasn’t our first Launch. We learned from v1 to expect opportunities for improvements to turn up & we were ready to move fast when they did.

Like clockwork, one week into launch, a new issue arose. Famed Producer of The Jordan Harbinger Show, Co-Host of Grumpy Old Geeks, & our friend, Jason DeFillippo, was the first to get bit by a critical issue.

Just spent the morning on SquadCast … My side of the show is 100% empty plus a soundcheck file looks empty too … Looks like all the other sides of the show worked. This is REALLY BAD. – Jason

We look up to & have a tone of respect for Jason, so ya, ouch! Shortly thereafter Co-Host of Upside & our friend, Jay Clouse, notified us of some weirdness he’d encountered while recording in the v2 Studio.

Some more feedback coming in hot! When we finished recording … I downloaded & it was much longer than the other files, because it seemed to keep recordingย  … after I had stopped. – Jay

Two friends burned in one week? Not cool! We had to bounce back. First, we apologized to our friends & communicated that we would make it right. Second, we took ownership & began working to understand the cause of these gnarly issues, notifying our community & asking our Facebook Group for insights. Third, we put in the work & went looking for the issue; seeking to replicate the cause. Meanwhile our post got zero engagement, unheard of in our own group LOL. Nobody reporting issues is always a good thing, but we desperately needed more data to understand & fix these issues.

Our team spent the better part of a week studying the data we had, talking with more Hosts, & trying our hardest to break the app. The answer came in the form of a particular sequence of events that caused the active microphone to unintentionally revert back to the OS default. What particular sequence of events, you ask? Opening the new Presence Menu in between recording caused Jason’s microphone to reset silently in the background. What’s this have to do with the issue Jay discovered? Opening the Presence Menu while recording caused the recorder to not stop because the microphone was swapped. The same root issue caused a variety of others depending on where people were at in their workflow.

We learn & improve from these hard lessons. Thank You to Jason & Jay for sticking with us & contributing to a better SquadCast!


Thank you to our friends & community for standing strong with us through the transition from v1 to v2. Feedback, support, & ideas are all fuel that propels us towards our mission of Amplifying Collaboration. If you’re a professional podcaster looking to record remote interviews in studio quality, Sign Up today & get 3 Free Recording Hours.