TinySeed Announcement with Rob & Sherry Walling

Rob & Sherry Walling | SquadCast.fm Podcast Recording Software

Sherry and Rob Walling have pushed the limits of podcasting both individually and together by producing and hosting several successful podcasts about Startups and the creativity involved. Sherry Walling, host of the Zenfounder podcast, uses her experience as a clinical psychologist and entrepreneur to help thousands of top performers regain clarity, energy, and joy. Her husband, Rob Walling is a serial entrepreneur and founder. Rob has been helping non-venture backed startup founders since 2005 and now he runs the first startup accelerator for SaaS bootstrappers, called TinySeed. Together we share an exciting announcement that will change SquadCast forever.

Pushing People & Podcasts to the Limit with Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale | SquadCast.fm Podcast Recording Software

Sue Stockdale is pushing the limits of podcasting by inspiring leaders and to achieve more than even they can imagine. Sue is the first British woman to ski to the magnetic North Pole. She also founded Mission Possible to help women grow their businesses. Sue is now focused on giving back to the community as a professional coach, speaker, & podcaster.

The Strange Parallels Between Startups & Podcasts with Noah Labhart

Noah Labhart | SquadCast.fm Podcast Recording Software

As the Host and Producer of the podcast Code Story, Noah is pushing the limits of podcasting by shedding light on the journey that tech leaders travel when creating, implementing, & scaling their products. Code Story is a window into the startup world that provides a look into what it takes to build and lead a tech startup. Noah is no stranger to the the startup world. He is the cofounder and CTO of Veryableops.co, as well as the founder and CEO of Touchtap.com.

Getting it Done with Espree Devora

Espree Devora | SquadCast.fm Podcast Recording Software

Espree has been pushing the limits of podcasting since 2015 as an early podcaster, entrepreneur, and startup founder. She is known by everyone as “The Girl Who Gets It Done” and she’s got the track record to prove it. She is an advocate and adopter of new technology as well as being a voice for women in tech all over the world.

10k Tacos & Hours Podcasting with Isidro Salas

Isidro Salas | SquadCast.fm Podcast Recording Software

Isidro Salas is pushing the limits of podcasting by sharing stories and experiences about spending more than 10,000 hours not just making but, more importantly, eating tacos. He grew up working in a taco truck that produced a whole bunch of tacos in the 80s and 90s. This truck was run by immigrants from Mexico who, along with their children, were part of a growing movement to sell as many tacos as they could – not to just survive, but also to be part of the American Dream.

Hollywood’s Celebrity Producer Bradley Denham

Bradley Denham | SquadCast.fm Podcast Recording Software

Bradley Denham is the Head of Audio Productions at Kast Media. Bradley pushes the limits of podcasting by producing podcasts like the Tai Lopez Show and On Purpose with Jay Shetty. Bradley also created RecordEditPodcast.com. An educational resource where he teaches podcasters of every level the same tools he uses to produce chart topping podcasts. Bradley is also the Co Founder of Clipgain.io, a 1-click automatic audio engineering tool that is great for any content that features dialogue.