“We’re active students of podcasting, along with everybody else in the community, and the show is about pushing the limits of what’s possible in podcasting, or kind of the boundaries of podcasting, and that’s always evolving and changing. So makes sense that our show would also evolve and change and improve as that innovation happens, and people figure out what works and what doesn’t.”
-Zach Moreno

In this episode, Zach and Rock chat about all things SquadCast

  • We’re revamping the podcast soon!
  • New features and bug fixes
  • We’re hiring a software engineer
  • We sponsored PodFest Global
  • We sponsored BLK Pod Fest
  • Our upcoming integration with Dolby

Current podcasting stack

  • ATR2100
  • Apple AirPods Max
  • Focusrite Scarlet 2i2
  • Adobe Audition
  • Simplecast

Show Notes