Welcome to another Between 2 Mics founders episode! This time, Zach and Rock discuss their favorite topic: remote podcast recording. Specifically, Z & R use this episode to empower SquadCasters (and remote podcast recorders on the whole) to take pride in the quality of the audio recordings they produce.

While Zoom is a superb communication tool (which has gotten a lot of love throughout this pandemic year), it doesn’t produce the best audio recordings. SquadCast, which is built as a production tool, accomplishes both the task of helping folks communicate AND creating stellar downloadable audio (and now vide) recordings. Of course, Z & R acknowledge that they are biased on this topic. They are the founders of SquadCast, after all. HOWEVER, they want to convey the message that if you are using SquadCast (or a similar remote recording service) and your guest isn’t comfortable not using Skype or Zoom, it is OK, for the sake of the quality of your show, to ask that your guest hop on a SquadCast call. Z & R offer some tips for how to get your guests to the Squad.

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Show Notes