Is Apple saving “subscribe” for something in the future? Apple Podcasts recently announced that iOS 14.5, which is set to be released in late March, will include a change in wording and calls to action on the app. Listeners will be prompted to “follow” a podcast instead of “subscribing” to it. Does this seemingly small change mean nothing, or does it mean everything? In this SquadCast founders episode, Zach and Rock speculate on this change.

Some questions that came up during this discussion:

  • Does “subscribe” imply an exchange of money?
  • Will “follow” ensure that listeners know that the content is free?
  • Is this an attempt, on Apple’s side, to get listeners used to a free and a paid model of content?
  • Is this move Apple’s way of staying relevant (following in the footsteps of Spotify)?

Tune in to find out!

Show Notes

  • Podnews reports on Apple’s change from “subscribe” to “follow.”
  • SquadCast’s

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