Welcome to episode 50 of Between 2 Mics!

In this episode, Zach and Rock chat with Jen Hemphill of the podcast Her Dinero Matters. The three of them discuss autonomy, personal finance, podcasting, and so much more. Jen’s podcast helps women make sound financial decisions through honest conversations. It’s a bilingual podcast “for women who want to become reinas of their money and love their dinero more.”

In this conversation, you’ll hear about Jen’s podcast, how she decided to start another podcast, and how she got past the initial slump of only getting a couple hundred downloads per episode. Hint: she was mentioned on My Favorite Murder, which sent a ton of new fans her way.

About Jen’s podcast: You can say this podcast is definitely not your typical money talk. I don’t talk about the best coupon hacks, or how you can be more frugal in your spending. Instead we tackle issues so you can be more, do more and enhance your money confidence. And when you are more money confident YOU are unstoppable. (And she’s a long-time SquadCast user)!

Show Notes

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